Get to know Showell terminology!


  • Audited Security
    Showell uses both internal and external audits to ensure that high security standards are met both at organization and information system levels.
  • Developer
    After becoming a Showell partner, a developer is able to create stunning and interactive content, HTML5 sales tools like 3D animated tours, calculators and web forms. The developer can then custom design Showell's UI to match their client’s visual identity and sales process. They will receive: a nominated contact person, a free Showell “sandbox” account, technical training and support, code samples, design guidelines as well tutorials and videos.
  • Documents
    Can be illustrations, presentations, spreadsheets and HTML5.
  • Files
    Files are anything that you upload to Showell. They can be images, videos, documents (illustrations, presentations, spreadsheets, HTML5).
  • Independent app
    Showell is an independent app, meaning software that works as it's own program, can be easily installed and is targeted at the consumer.
  • Integration
    Integration is the act of merging an already made concept to another. In Showell, you're able to integrate other software to Showell.
  • Multi-Account Support
    Multi-Account Support means your company can ask for more than one account. Organizations and Companies are often structured into multiple divisions, brands, business units, countries or regions. You can easily manage this kind of structure by having separate Showell accounts for each of these sections. Settings, content and users from accounts can be managed independently from one another.
  • Showell Admin 
    Showell Admin is a cloud service where you can store, organize and manage your sales material all in one place. Upload: images, videos, PowerPoints, brochures and more straight to Showell App.
  • Showell App
    Showell App is a Sales Application for your tablet, phone or Windows 10 PC/tablet.
  • Showell Account
    A Showell Account is where sales content is stored and used when presenting content. Each account has its own independent users, permissions, settings and content. You can view your Showell account via Showell Admin or Showell App. Depending on permissions given, Showell users can sign into accounts using their personal username and password. Administrators have the ability to link users to new accounts. Contact Showell and subscribe for the right number of user licenses for your account.
  • Onboarding service
    Onboarding is Showell's add-on service of familiarizing new customers with Showell.
  • Partner
    Showell's Partner Program enables sellers and developers to work alongside Showell and make a profit by re-selling Showell alongside their own product. 
  • Re-seller
    After becoming a Showell Partner, a seller will then sell Showell to their own customers. Showell takes care of customer support, agreements and invoicing. The seller takes it easy, gains extra business and receives additional income while selling Showell services such as consultation, training and content creation.
  • Subscriptions
    Contact Showell to subscribe to a certain number of license packages. If later you want more licenses, simply contact Showell to make a new subscription with more packages.
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO)
    Single-Sign-On is an authentication service that allows a user to use just one set of login credentials to access multiple applications without the need to login again every time a new application is opened.
  • SSL
    SSL is a standard security technology that Showell uses to make sure that sensitive information like credit card numbers and login credentials are transmitted securely. Proof of this technology is a small green lock symbol at the beginning of a URL.
  • System Notifications
    System notifications are messages that are sent from Showell.
  • User Interface
    A user interface is the arrangement of icons, pictures, text and graphics displayed on a digital screen - making it easier for a user to understand and use a program or application. In this case Showell is the application.
  • User License
    You can subscribe to have a certain number of user licenses sold in packages of 5, 10, 15, 25 & 50+ and add them to any Showell account. Showell licenses are always individual. One license = one user.


  • Administrator
    An administrator is someone who administers, organizes and views everything related to their Showell account. This includes: adding Users and Groups, giving permissions to users and groups, adding / removing content.
  • Application Resources
    If you have purchased the Themed Front Page add-on, Application Resources is a Folder in Showell Admin that contains all your Themed Front Page content.
  • Analytics
    Analytics is a section in Showell Admin that contains recorded data from users activity from Showell App e.g. Document Views, Popular Content and meeting information. 
  • Account settings
    Account settings contains all your account information located in the top menu under your username (top right).
  • Background Image
    This refers to images that are uploaded to the background of Showell App. These images can be uploaded via Showell Admin or then chosen from Showell's own gallery.
  • Configurator
    A Configurator is software that helps in the configuration (arrangement of a group of things) of a product.
  • Contacts
    Contacts are people whose contact information you have.
  • Customer
    Customers are businesses whose contact information you have.
  • CRM
    In Showell Admin, CRM it's an additional feature displayed as a tab in the top menu. If enabled you have access to information about customers, contacts and meetings.
  • Document Views
    Document Views is a tab in Showell Admin under Analytics. When opened, you can see how many times your documents have been viewed by which Users (with a User Comparison feature).
  • Drag/Drop
    Drag and Drop is a term used to describe the action of selecting a document/file from your device and and dragging and dropping it to the upload box.
  • Group
    Group = group of users. Users can be organized into groups. Groups are given permission to view certain views.
  • Link to another file
    With Showell you are able to create a link to a file (using its Showell URL) and add it to a different view or folder. E.g. If you have a folder called 'cars', you could place a link to a file called 'tires' into that folder. 
  • Meetings
    Meetings is an additional feature that allows a user to start a meeting with a contact and track the meeting activity (presented content & meeting notes). These contact specific details can later be analyzed in Showell Admin.
  • Notifications/Push Notifications
    As administrator, send notifications to your users to inform them of new content or changes. Users will receive these as a push notification via Showell App (if allowed in your device settings).
  • Popular Content
    Popular content is a section in the Showell Admin Analytics tab where you see what content has been viewed the most times.
  • Private
    The term Private in Showell is used when a user wants to make a view private (meaning only that user + administrator can access the view).
  • Showell URL
    ​Every file in Showell has its own URL (universal resource locator). These URL's can be used to create links to other files. 
  • Smart Selling Tools
    ​Smart Selling Tools are interactive programs/applications that are used as selling tools when presenting content to customers. Showell enables the use of a wide variety of smart selling tools (with the help of HTML5), such as interactive: calculators, forms, configurators and 3D graphics.
  • Thumbnail Images
    Thumbnail images are the small preview images for a file. These can be changed via Showell Admin.
  • User
    A user is someone who has access to Showell App and Admin(if given permission). Users are added by an administrator to an Account User Registry in Showell Admin. Each User needs their own license.
  • Upload Box
    The Upload Box is the place where you upload your contents. It is located in Showell Admin at the top of any view or folder's page (displayed as a large rectangular box)
  • View Order
    ​In Showell Admin, you have the option to change the order of your views. The 1st view is located at the top of the screen.
  • Weblink
    A weblink is a link from a website that can be added to Showell e.g. in a presentation 


  • API
    API is technology that carries information back and forth from one system to another. Kind of like a waiter taking your order and bringing your food to you.
  • Automatic updates
    Simply means that if you turn this feature on, Showell will automatically update itself with bug fixes, performance fixes and new features when connected to the internet.
  • Credentials
    Credentials is simply another name for your login username and password.
  • Draw
    Draw is a feature in Showell that allows you to draw/annotate with a red or blue pen onto any document (except video) in order to emphasize certain areas or points. These drawings can be saved and shared.
  • Favorites
    Favorites is a tab in the top menu displayed with a star icon. When you select files by tapping on their stars, the Favorites tab collects these files (displaying the number of files on the star icon).
  • Folder
    Create folders for different views. Then organize your content into these folders. Folders can be created, organized, renamed, removed and have permissions and thumbnail images assigned to them via Showell Admin.
  • HTML5
    HTML5 support makes it possible to use interactive and animated sales content and tools (HTML5 apps), such as calculators, forms, configurators and 3D graphics, with Showell. HTML5 apps are added to an account in Showell Admin the same way as other files e.g. PDF’s or images.
  • Keep on Device Mode
    Keep on device mode means that if you select this toggle in Showell App to ON, Showell will download all your content onto the device you're using. If you want to save space on your device, toggle OFF.  
  • Keywords
    In Showell, keywords are words that you attach to a certain file or folder. For example, a folder named 'Media' might have keywords such as 'Videos' and 'Photos'. This means that if you search for 'Photos' from the Showell App's Side Menu or from Showell Admin, you will be shown the 'Media' folder + all other files and folders with that name.
  • Kiosk Move 
    Put simply, Kiosk mode is a pin-coded lock for your screen where your customer is free to browse either single or multiple files and folders of your choosing. Used typically with a tablet stand in trade shows and shopping malls.
  • Notes
    Notes is a Showell App feature where you can keep a record of meeting information.
  • Presentation Creator
    Presentation Creator is a built-in (add on) function within Showell App. Use it to create customized presentations from existing content. 
  • Presentation/Presentation deck
    A presentation is a group of custom picked content saved as a package ready to present to customers during a sales meeting. Presentations refer to both presentations created within the app and to pre-made presentations uploaded to Showell App.
  • Showroom
    Presentation mode in which you view or present material from Showell App.
  • Stars
    Showell App uses star icons that are displayed on the top left of every file as a means of organizing content. When you tap a file's star, it will be added to the Favorites tab. You can use this function to quickly create presentations or to share files with your customer.
  • Side menu
    Side menu can be accessed by tapping/clicking the button with three stripes located at the top left corner of the app. Contains: file navigation, presentations, settings, etc.
  • Store
    A Store is where you download applications e.g. Apple's App Store, Google's Play Store or Microsoft's Microsoft Store.
  • Table of contents
    Table of contents for Showell is the same as table of contents in a book. To access, you must first be viewing multiple files. Then, tap the top of your screen to view the top menu and tap the name of the file with the down arrow to view a list of all the other files.
  • Themed Front Page
    Customized Front page that supports your company’s brand and sales process. In addition to the Home-Screen, we can provide other custom views.
  • Top Menu
    Top menu can be accessed by tapping/clicking the top of the app. Contains: search, manual update and various tools.
  • View
    Showell App's home screen is divided into views - meaning named boxes that display folders inside related to that section. In most cases, a company will categorize their views according to their sectors. E.g. If you own a car company, one view would display folders and content for production while another view will have content related to pricing.