Showell themes

Showell themes are ready-made home screen templates that are mobile-responsive. You can brand your home screen by customizing the different elements with your brand colors, images, videos, logos, and fonts.

How to customize your home screen:

  1. Click on Files and go to Main Page
  2. Click on Theme and select a template
  3. Upload / select a background image
  4. Upload / select your logo
  5. Add a title/slogan to your home screen if you want to
  6. Select the views (your content categories) to be linked to the home screen
  7. Upload / select thumbnails for the views
  8. Go to the app and hit refresh to see what your new home screen looks like

Best Practises, Tips & Tricks

Background: You can use static images or videos in the background. To get the best user experience with a video background, it is recommended to use calm videos with not too much movement. 

Thumbnails: Your thumbnails can be any shape and color, transparent or solid. They can include images or icons that make it easier to find the relevant content. 

Application resources: You can create a background and a thumbnail gallery by uploading your images/videos to the corresponding folders under application resources. More information here: Application resources

Fonts: You can add your company fonts to be used on your home screen as well. The font setting affects only the home screen. To do this, you need to:

  1. Create a folder called "fonts" (lowercase) on Application resources
  2. Add the font(s) to the folder
  3. Configure your font settings by uploading a config.json with your font information to Application resources:

  "cssVariables": {

    "font": {

      "color": "#ffffff",

     "regularFamily": "Arial",

      "regularWeight": "300",

      "boldWeight": "900",

     "boldFamily": "Arial Black"


If you need help with designing your home screen, please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager or the Customer Support Team at: