Application resources

You can find your Application resources in Showell Admin. Applications resources is where you store your background images and/or videos, logos and thumbnails.

💡Use your Application resources folder to manage your background images/videos, logos, thumbnails and more! Collect all your resources in one place to create your personal tailored account. Uploading your resources is just as easy as uploading your sales and marketing content.

➡️ Application resources becomes available when one of the following Add-ons is enabled:

➡️ For more information: Overview of our Services, Integrations and Add-ons

☝️Consider the following:

Whenever a user downloads, installs and opens up their Showell app for the first time, Application resources are downloaded from the cloud to the device. The user will then have to wait for those downloads before the account is fully operational.

  • To make this process as smooth as possible you should only upload the background images and thumbnails that will be in use.
  • You can also consider to optimize the size of your files to ensure the best user experience to your sales reps.

How to Find your Application resources

Application resources location

  • Go to Files within Showell Admin
  • Click 📂Application resources
  • Within your Applications resources file, you will find:
    • Backgrounds: Upload your background images in here. This will make your background images available in the background gallery.
    • Thumbnails: Upload your thumbnail images in here. This will make your thumbnail images available in the thumbnail gallery.
    • Main: This is your Main page folder, where you can choose and tailor your home screen template
    • Add your own folders: If you have more resources, simply create your own folders and start uploading.
      • Logos: If you are working with one or multiple templates, it can come in handy to keep your logos in one folder.
      • Skyboxes: If you have 3D content in your account, we can recommend to create the 'skyboxes'-folder (lowercase) to upload background images for your 3D content. When opening a 3D image with the Showell App, users will be able to select any background image from the Skyboxes image gallery.
      • Fonts: Create a 'fonts'-folder (lowercase) to upload a personalized font to set for your home theme.
      • Tools: Create a 'tools'-folder (lowercase) to add content connected to forms or smart tools you might have on your account.
    • Config.json file: Depending on the features you have available with Showell, you might find, or like to create, a config.json file. This contains your personalized font settings for your themes, or information about your account's preferred and used languages. Do not remove or edit this file (if you have not created it yourself).
    • I18n folder: This folder and it's content is only visible when you have the Language filtering/folder translations feature activated on your account and a new translation table has been created. Do not remove or edit this folder.
    • Google Drive Templates: This folder is only visible when you have the Google Files Editor feature activated on your account.
      For more information: How to use the Google Files Editor