Google Files Editor

It can be useful to make minor adjustments to your content or to simply create file on the fly. From the Showell app you can open or create Google files, make changes to the document and save the updated version to Showell.

💡Benefits of the Google Files editor:

  • The Google Files editor is great for sales reps who need to make quick changes to their presentations on the road or in between meetings.
  • Any google file you edit, will be saved to your My Files section within Showell, but also to your personal Google Drive.
  • Within your My Files you can create Google Files on the fly; This removes the hassle of having to work via the Google Drive first and uploading the content to Showell afterwards. Everything is now synced and stored in both locations right away.
  • Create your own or use Google File templates, so you and your users can make any kind of document with the company styling.
  • Works with Google Document, Sheet, Presentation(Slides) and Drawing.

➕ Google Files editor is a Showell Add-on that requires an active Google Drive integration. If you'd like to know more:

➡️ This article will inform you on:

➡️ For more in-depth information on using the Google Files editor:

Google Files editor in a nutshell

As soon as the Google Files editor is activated on your account, you will find extra options in your My Files and under each Google File within Showell.

➡️ Options under each Google File (by clicking the 3 dots):

  • The 'Edit as new (Google Drive)'-button: This option will open the document with the corresponding Google Files application. Any edits or changes will be saved to your Showell's 'My Files'.
  • The 'Edit in Google Drive'-button: This option is available within your My Files folder. This option will open the document with the corresponding Google Files application. Any edits or changes will overwrite the document within your My Files folder. The analytics of this document will remain the same before and after the edit.

➡️ Options in your My Files (by clicking the '➕'-icon in the bottom right corner):

  • Add a new Google Document, Sheet, Presentation or Drawing straight in your My Files. These files can easily be edited afterwards and will also have a copy in your personal Google Drive.
  • Add a new file from a Google Template: pre-created templates will give your users the freedom to make well designed documents, with for example company logo and style,  straight within their My files.

How to set up Google File Templates within Showell Admin

Providing ready-made, company tailored templates for your users will not only look professional, it will also improve work efficiency.

💡 Good to know:

  • Google Files editor requires an active Google Drive integration
  • Make sure the template folder in your Google Drive is shared and manageable by all users who need access to it within Showell.
  • Note that only synced template files from your Google Drive will be accessible for your users in their My Files.

➡️How to set up the Google file Templates:

  • Create a folder (for example 'Template-sync' or 'Showell Templates') in your Google Drive
    • In this folder you can add/create all your Google File templates
  • Open Showell Admin > Admin > Google Drive
  • Click ➕ Connect folder
  • Connect the Google Drive template folder with Application Resources/Google drive templates.
    • 💡The Google drive templates folder is automatically created once you have enabled the Google Files Editor. Do not rename this folder.

Google Drive Template Sync

  • All set! From your or your users My Files, you can now quickly create content using templates.
    add new google template