Google Drive integration

It's possible to connect your Google Drive with Showell and sync your selected content!

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Google Files Editor is an expansion to the Google Drive integration:

🚨 Click here if you are experiencing issues with (re)connecting your Google Drive.

💡Before you get started

  1. Create a separate user in your Google Drive 

    A personal account can be used, but it is better to create a unique user for the integration because if the integration needs to be disabled it can be done easily by just removing the integration user and with this, it also avoids cases where the user's personal files are moved to the Showell by accident.
    1. This is used for managing the Showell integration.
    2. These account credentials can be given to all those in your team to manage the integration. 
    3. The name of the user account can be for example: 'Company name_Admin'.
  2. Add read privileges to the this newly created user.
    1. This ensures that this user isn't able to modify the content and will only act as a bridge between Google Drive and Showell.
  3. Set up a Shared Drive with the right settings
    1. Make sure the 'Share with people settings' are setup correctly.
    2. Editors should be able to change permissions and share
    3. Viewers and commenters should be able to see the option to download, print and copy. If this is unchecked, the files will not be synced to the Showell account.

Google drive share settings
Note: If it's not possible to limit the user's read privileges in Google Drive, Showell can make these limitations on our end. Please contact Showell Support with your request and we will help you further

How to authorize the connection between Google Drive and Showell

  • Go to Showell Admin
  • From the top menu, select: Admin > Google Drive

Google Drive in Admin

  • Begin authorization by selecting “Authorize by signing in to Google Drive

authorize by signing in to Google Drive

  • Login with your newly created Google Drive user’s credentials

Google Drive login

Start linking your content

After a successful MS login, you can start linking Google Drive to Showell.

  • When connecting your first folder, you can click '➕Connect first folder'

connect first Google Drive folder

  • When connecting a folder later on, click '➕Connect folder' in the top right corner

connect Google Drive folder

  • A pop-up screen will appear to connect your Google Drive folder to Showell
    • Left panel: Choose the Google Drive folder you want to connect
    • Right panel: Choose the target destination for this folder in your Showell directory

Google Drive choose target destination in showell


By clicking the 'Drop-down menu'-button located on the right side of your connected folder, you are able to:

  • Remove the connection
  • Disable the connection (the folder is still connected but will not synchronize.)
  • Fetch new or changed files; this will immediately synchronize the folder content.

    Note: the Google Drive integration is automatically synced every hour.

drop-down menu button Google Drive


Troubleshooting Google Drive connection issue

If a connection between Showell and Google Drive has been established before or the connection has accidentally been deleted, and you wish to reconnect, this is how it's done:

  • Open your Google Drive account
  • Go to Settings > Manage Apps
  • Search for 'Showell GDrive Connector'
  • Click Options > Disconnect from Drive

    Google Drive app settings
  • A confirmation pop-up will appear, click Disconnect to confirm

    disconnect the showell GDrive connector in Google Drive

  • Follow the same steps, as explained above, to authorize the connection between Google Drive and Showell again