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Download and install the Showell app

Showell app is available for Apple (iPad, iPhone, Mac*), Android tablet/phones, Windows 10 PC/tablets and from an internet browser (Showell Online). Download the app from the App store, Google Play or Microsoft store.


Available for iPad, iPhone, Mac*, Android tablet/phones and Windows 10 PC/tablets


Note: Showell native App works offline. Showell Online App works on a web browser(no installations needed but an internet connection is of course required).

To download and install Showell

  • Simply click one of the store links on this page and download the app.
  • Open your devices’ application store (App Store, Google Play or Microsoft Store)
  • Search for “Showell”
  • Select Get, Install, or Download

* Mac: To download Showell App on a MacBook, you will need:

  • M1 chip
  • MacOS 11 or later
  • Mac App Store open

Other ways of distributing the app

  • Microsoft private store: Your IT can choose which apps are available for employees to download from the MS Store. More information here: MS Private Store
  • Installation package: If your organization has blocked all application stores and software downloads, we can deliver an installation package for your IT.
  • Showell Online: You can use Showell directly from your web browser with Showell Online. No app installations needed, but internet connection is required. More information here: Showell Online

Tip: We highly recommend you to download the app from the app stores (public or private) to ensure the best user experience. Through the app stores we are able to ensure that the latest updates and features are available to your organization.