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Manage your Downloads and Storage in the Showell App

You have the ability to fine-tune what content will be downloaded to the Showell App for offline use.

Adjust your content download options

When using the Showell App on Windows, iOS, and Android devices, content will automatically be downloaded for your convenience, quick access, and offline viewing. You can customize these download options to suit your preferences and avoid cluttering your device.

If there are specific files you want to access that are not included in your preset preferences, don't worry. By simply clicking on the file, it will be downloaded and ready for offline use.

When you first launch the Showell App, you will immediately see these download options available to customize to your preferences.

Download Options

1. Open the side menu within the Showell App and Click 'My Settings' > Preferences

2. Click 'Download options'

3. Your Content download options:

  • Download all content: This will download all the content available on the Workspace to your device. This will ensure that you can access all content immediately and when there is no available internet connection.
    • Language download options: Choose to download only the content in your preferred language(s).
  • Download only required files: This option will not download any content to your device. Files will only be downloaded and available for offline use, when you open them individually.

4. When ready, click 'Continue'


Manage your Storage

If your Showell Workspace contains a large amount of content and your device has limited storage space, you may need to delete unnecessary large files from time to time.

Remember that deleting them from your device does not delete them from Showell, so you can always download and view them again later.

1. Open the side menu within the Showell App and Click 'My Settings' > Storage

2. Click the 3 dots next to a file and choose 'Forget file' OR checkmark multiple files at once and click 'Manage storage' at the bottom of the screen.

3. Confirm your action by clicking 'Forget file'


🔔 Troubleshooting

Why can't I see the Language download options?

This is only available if the 'Language filtering/folder translations'-feature is activated on the Workspace.