Admin: Language filtering and folder translations

Files and folders can be given a language tag. Folders can be provided with multiple translations. All of this will improve the navigation for your users within the Showell App.

➕ The Multi-language feature is a Showell Add-on. If you'd like to know more:

You are not limited to the current implemented languages. Depending on your company needs, any language of your choice can be added to Showell!
You can also add a default language of choice to your account.

➡️Showell App users have the option to choose what content languages they wish to download to their device.

How to add language tags to folders and files

  • Navigate to the file or folder you would like to provide a language tag
  • Go to the file or folder settings OR use the multi-select option
  • Choose the correct language under 'Document languages'
  • Click: Save changes

If you would like to know how it looks like in the Showell App: Language filtering in Showell App

How to translate folders

  • Go to the top menu bar
  • Click ADMIN -> Translations
  • Click ➕Generate new translations table*
    generate new translations table button
  • Add the translations to the desired folders
  • Click ✔️Save changes

💡Generate new translation table*:

  • Click this to create a table of all your views/folders, with columns of available languages, where you can input all your translations.
  • Every time you have added new views/folders to your Showell account, you need to generate a new translation table to add those new views/folders to the list.

What is the default language?

The default language refers to the language of your Showell's content. You are able to create folders and upload content in any language of choice.
In the Showell App, the user interface language is an additional default language.

When activating the 'Language filtering/folder translations' premium language feature package you are able to choose your account's default language.
  • This will help to translate folders, so that all your content, as how it's original language is, will be now under the 'default' column.
    translation table
  • When using the language filter option, the user can choose 'Default' and see the content in the accounts default language.
  • If a user has a different language for their user interface within Showell App, they will have 2 languages as default. So if a user filters the content by language, they will see their content in the account default language + their chosen user interface language.
    filter content by language in app

Create a language friendly environment within the Showell App!

  • When a user changes the user interface language of the Showell App, all folder titles will automatically be converted to the chosen language as well, if the translations have been applied to in Showell Admin.
  • Adding these translations does not affect the folders in Showell Admin.

This is how it looks like within the Showell App:

User interface and content language options:

  • If your folder translation is not included in the standard languages, You can still choose the folder translation from the language preferences list within the Showell App. However, the user interface will remain in its standard language (For example the device's language or English).
    App language no user interface example
  • Standard languages that you did not choose for your folder translations will still be accessible. Choosing one of these standard languages will change the user interface. However, the content will remain in the default language. you will be able to see this in the Showell App language preferences list as 'Content: Default language'.
    App language no folder example