Multi-Language Feature

Folders can be provided with multiple translations. Files and folders can be given a language tag. All of this will improve the navigation for your users within the Showell App.

💡Create a language friendly environment within the Showell App!

  • The Multi-Language feature enables your users to navigate the Showell app in there own native language. This feature is truly beneficial if your company is operating in multiple countries.
  • This feature is not limited to the current implemented User Interface languages. Depending on your company needs, any language of your choice can be added to Showell!
  • You can translate all folders within the Showell Account
  • You are able to provide language tags to folders and files for easy navigation and content filtering.
  • Users can choose to download only the content in their language



➕ The Multi-language feature is a Showell Add-on. If you'd like to know more:

💡 The Multi-language feature is activated and ready to be used?