Sort and Filter Content

Change the size of your thumbnails and sort your content just the way you like it! You can also Filter your content according to your language preferences

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I'm using Showell App:

Sort and Filter options

I'm using Showell Admin:

Sort and Filter options


I'm using Showell App

Sort and Filter options

Sort and Filter Options

1. In the Showell App, Click the 3 dots in the upper right corner

2. Set your sorting and filtering options:

  • Sort by: Default, Name, File type, Date created, Date modified or Date last opened
  • View: View your layout as large thumbs, small thumbs or a list view
  • Languages: The languages you can choose from are set by your administrators, depending on the company needs. Keep in mind that files that do not have a designated language, are seen as the default language and so will always be visible.

    Language Filtering


I'm using Showell Admin

Sort and Filter options

Sort and Filter Options Admin

In Showell Admin, navigate to the folder you'd like to sort or filter

  • Filter: You can filter your contents according to Language, Sharing permissions or Type
  • Sort: Quickly sort your content


🔔 Troubleshooting

Why am I unable to see the language filtering options?

The Language filtering options are only available with the Multi-Language Feature. This feature is a Showell Add-on, that is included with the Professional Plan. If you'd like to know more: