Showell's Latest Top Features

Here you'll find a list on our newest top features. The list is updated when a new and exciting feature has been introduced or an existing one has been significantly improved.

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Newest Features for Showell App

We are thrilled to announce the release of Version 10, which brings a multitude of exciting new features and enhancements for you to explore!

πŸ†• Revamped User Interface

The new UI is all about providing you with the most intuitive and streamlined workflow, ensuring you get the most out of every feature. The standard home page has been modernized.

πŸ†• In-app Admin Features (Showell App for Web only)

No more juggling between admin and the app. Admin features are now embedded right within your workflow. It’s centralized, it’s efficient, and it’s built for the modern sales organization.

πŸ†• Enhanced Content Management

With the improved content management experience, you are in for a treat that's much faster and more intuitive. Smart folders bring more opportunities for organizing your material.

πŸ†• Advanced Presentation Creator

The renewed presentation creator lets you seamlessly blend slides, brochures, videos, images, 3D models, and more. Tailoring a deck is not just easier, it's a delightful experience.

πŸ†• AI Content recommendations

When searching for files, the system will recommend material that your teammates most often use. These recommendations will be introduced to other use cases later on.

πŸ†• Updated DSR Business Card

You can now add your socials, such as LinkedIn, to be displayed to your contacts in the DSR. Making it easier for you to connect with prospects on multiple channels. 


Newest Features for Showell Admin

πŸ†• Translate your folders using AI

  • With our translation feature, you can easily translate all folders within your Workspace. But now, by simply clicking on the AI-button, this will automatically translate the folders for you. For more information: Translate Folders

Newest Features for the Digital Sales Room

πŸ†• Custom Company Branding options

DSR Branding options

  • The DSR can now be personalized for your sister companies, subdivisions or dealers with their own logo, color and icon.
  • For more information: Digital Sales Room Branding