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Newest features

Here you'll find a list on our newest features. The list is updated every time a new feature has been introduced or an existing one has been significantly updated or improved.

September 2021: 


"Trash" feature in Showell Admin

  • If you delete a file in Showell Admin your file will be moved to our trash can (located in under Files in the top menu).
  • This file will stay there for 60 days where you can choose to either restore it back or then permanently delete it.

Screenshot 2021-09-16 at 15.21.41

Direct link to Showell Admin with auto-login functionality

  • This means you can access Showell Admin straight from the side menu in Showell App!

New 3D Space feature available for testing ("beta" feature)

  • This new space allows you to try out interactive 3D animations and even change backgrounds!

  • In Showell Admin:
    • Add your files in 3D file format (for example .glb)
    • Then add any extra backgrounds (we recommend placing backgrounds in a folder that is located in Application Resources)
3D helmet windows

June 2021:

Shares can be edited:

  • You can now go back to an already sent share and make changes! For example:

    • Remove/add contents
    • Change/add the expiration date
    • Change/add a pin code
    • *Give or remove access to download files from Share Center
    • Add a subject or message
    • Toggle "ask for email" (tracking) ON or OFF

New Account Translations (paid extra feature):

  • Administrators can now translate the account contents!
  • This allows users to view the contents in their preferred language

*Downloading of shared files can be blocked

  • Keep your share more private
  • Stop contents form being able to be edited

Folder can now be sorted based on the last modification date

  • This will help to know which files are the very latest material!

The "New" badge

  • Now indicates if a file in folder OR one of its sub folders have changed

Application screen size can be changed on MacOS and on iOS (Split View)

  • You can use Split View with iPad Pro, iPad (5th generation and later), iPad Air 2 and later, or iPad mini 4 and later.

Improved My Files+ features

  • Edit e.g. pptx files while viewing the document (Showroom) from Top menu > Tools > Edit (Windows Showell App feature)



April 2021:

Microsoft documents are editable (Windows Showell App)

  • Completely renewed Office Editor: our App now talks with the major Office Apps on Windows, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This enables a fluent editing experience.

New File Browser method is used with My Files+ and the new Office Editor:

  • Allowing you to easily browse, move and save files and create folders in your My Files area.

Silent updates:

  • The update screen now pops up only for the first time the contents are updated. 

Chatbot in Admin Panel

Screenshot 2021-03-18 at 14.31.35

  • "Showbot" is our new Showell member who can help you find answers from our Help Center archives OR let you submit an issue to our Support team!

New folder sorting options (Showell App)

New folder views selectable: large thumbnails, small thumbnails and list view!

Shares can be removed (Showell App)

Remove shares in Showell App by selecting the 3 dots on a share and Remove

  • Note: If you remove a share, you won't see its analytics from the App anymore - but data will remain Admin Panels' share analytics.

Windows Showell App (update)

A user can download and save files from Showell app to their Windows' Downloads-folder.

Share Center (update)

  • A direct download option will be shown for documents that have "Share in original format" enabled and cannot be properly shown in the Share Center (for instance Excel files or 3D model files).

My Shares + Analytics

My shares is a menu located on the side menu. You can share content straight from the menu, or you can view and re-share the shares you’ve made before. Add a custom message to accompany your share on Share Center and even view recipient activity!

User Invitations

Inviting users to your accounts is finally in the hands of account administrators! Perfect for mass-inviting, not just internal, but also external users such as dealers, distributors, and other 3rd party users. Safely control who, and how many people can join and from which domains. See the full article at:

Sharing Experience Redefined

Showell 8 has brought along exciting improvements to the content sharing experience. My Shares and advanced sharing options allow you to further customize your share and the Share Center ensures that your customer gets the best experience while interacting with your content. 

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