Manage Share Ownership

Learn how you, as an Admin, can easily transfer ownership of a Share and the benefits that come with it.

Manage Share Ownership

As an Administrator, you have the authority to access and analyze all the shares created by all users.

Share Owner

View shares of all or selected users

By default, you can only view your own shares at first. However, you have the option to filter and view all shares or select specific users' shares by using the 'Filter > Owner' option in the Shares section.

Change the Share Owner

You can change the Share Owner by clicking the Shares' Properties icon Settings and changing the Owner in the 'Owner' field. Make sure to click 'Save' when done. This will transfer the Share to the new Owner, meaning this new Owner can now find and edit the Share from his own User Account.

Change the Share Owner, while creating a Share

Simply create or edit any Share of choice. Under 'Owner' you can remove your own name and provide the name of another user. This will make sure that they can view and edit the Share you created.


Why would I change the owner of a share?

Changing the owner of a share can be very beneficial, especially in situations where someone who is in the process of closing a deal suddenly goes on leave. In such cases, a colleague can easily take over the share and successfully close the deal. This ensures that important tasks are not delayed or left unfinished due to unforeseen circumstances.

🔔 Troubleshooting


I'm made owner of someone else's Share, why can't I see all the files in Showell or the Digital Sales Room?

Share Ownership is a recently introduced feature in Showell 10. While it is still in its early stages and will continue to be improved based on customer feedback, there are at this moment some limitations to be aware of. If a Share link contains files from the previous owner's My Files or created Presentations, you will not be able to access these files due to the lack of file privileges. As a result, these files are also not accessible through the Digital Sales Room for the recipient of the Share.