My Shares: Analyze your shared content

Track your recipients share activity and see their analytics straight from within the Showell App using 'My Shares'

Why to analyze your shared content

Share analytics provides valuable tracking information that allows you to gauge the level of interest your prospects and customers have in the content you share. By identifying the most popular content, you can focus your attention on what is truly interesting and worth following up on. Analyzing how potential buyers perceive the shared content enables you to continuously refine and customize your share links.

With Share analytics, you can:

  • Identify who has viewed your share
  • Determine when they viewed it
  • Track which files and individual pages have been viewed
  • Determine how much time viewers spent on each file or page

This information allows you to evaluate and understand customer interest, identify decision-making barriers, and determine the value of developing and personalizing materials.


How to view your shares analytics

My share analytics

1. Open the Showell App

2. Open 'My Shares' from the side menu

3. Click the share you would like to view its analytics. This will pop up an informative screen that tells you all the share's details

4. Click Analytics

My share analytics button

  • Discover the viewers, how many times they opened the share, the amount of documents viewed and if documents were downloaded
    My share analytics overview
  • Go more in-depth by opening each individual viewer, and see the exact files and how long they viewed them
    My share analytics indepth



How do I know who has seen my shared materials?

Ask for the recipients email when creating your share. This will make sure you know who has been watching your content. If you decide to toggle this option off, you can still know if your content has been watched, but not by who (anonymous).

If you'd like to request, that all shares automatically ask for email or not, Feel free to contact Showell Support.

How long does it take for Analytics data to be updated?

The availability of share analytics data may take 15 to 30 minutes. For Share analytics data in SalesForce, it may take 30 to 60 minutes.

What does an 'Unknown' time mean next to videos in analytics?

This means that the duration of time spent viewing a video is unknown. The timer only counts the time if the user opens the video in Digital Sales Room (DSR) and then closes it within DSR. If the user navigates away from the video or closes the browser while the video is still playing, the timer will show as "time unknown" because the timer was interrupted and didn't stop within DSR.