App: My shares analytics

Track your recipients share activity and see their analytics straight from within the Showell App using 'My Shares'

💡Benefits of My Shares analytics:

This valuable tracking information helps you find out the level of interest your prospect/customer has for your shared content. Seeing what content is popular will help focus your attention on what is truly interesting and worth following up on. So one can analyze how potential buyer perceives the shared content and keep iterating and optimizing the materials.
  • With Share Analytics you can find out:
    • Who viewed your share
    • When they viewed it
    • What files and individual pages have been viewed
    • How long the viewer was watching each individual file or page
  • With this information:
    • You can evaluate who on the buyers' side is possibly taking part in the decision-making process. This is valuable information, especially in Enterprise sales

    • Sales representatives can interact and influence other decision-makers based on this knowledge

    • You know what kind of content or parts of the contents customer was interested in, or not interested in at all.

    • You find out if there is some decision-making barriers that should be talked about and tackled with the customer. In many sales cases sales representatives can tackle the barriers proactively if he just finds these during the sales process

    • Decide after you find out a customer was not interested in some materials if you should develop and personalize those more for the customer or are these materials not worth sharing?

  • You can discover all your users and their recipients activity with Showell Admin.


  • Ask for the recipients email when creating your share, this will make sure you know who has been watching your content. If you decide to toggle this option off, you can still know if your content has been watched, but not by who (anonymous).
    • What if you do not use advanced sharing? depending on your Showell subscription, the email will or will not be asked with any regular share. If you'd like to request, that all shares automatically ask for email or not, please let your account Admin contact Showell Support

How to:

More information:

How to view your shares analytics

My share analytics

  • Open 'My Shares'
  • Click the share you would like to view its analytics
  • This will pop up an informative screen that tells you all the share's details
  • Click Analytics
    My share analytics button
  • ➡️ Discover the viewers, how many times they opened the share, the amount of documents viewed and if documents were downloaded
    My share analytics overview
  • ➡️ Go more in-depth by opening each individual viewer, and see the exact files and how long they viewed them
    My share analytics indepth

💡Note: it may take up to 30min before the analytics data is available.