Digital Sales Room (DSR)

The Digital Sales Room is a secure and custom branded webpage for your customers to view and interact with content that you've shared via Showell. Your shared content is all accessible online and ready to impact the receiver of your share.

Key features of Showell's Digital Sales Room (DSR)

Digital Sales Roomclick the image above for a Digital Sales Room example

  • Share your presentations, documents, images, 3D files and/or folders
  • The DSR is personalized by:digital sales room information
    • Recipients simply open the shared link and can browse all content without needing to download anything!
    • Share your content easily with one or multiple recipients (no limit!)
    • You can open, browse and zoom on content, just like within the Showell App
    • Recipients can easily message back to the creator/sender of the share
    • Switch quickly between light and dark mode
      DSR dark light mode
    • Follow the analytics of your share and how the recipients have been browsing your shared content
      • To see activity tracking on your share - turn on the "Ask for email" toggle when creating your share.
    • Edited shares will keep the same share link (URL), the content in the DSR will be automatically updated. ➡️ No need to sent a new link to the recipient

    ✋Use case:

    Upload material to the same share link for the entire buying process:
    1. Add an intro "this is us" & "this is what to expect" video to your DSR before your meeting
    2. Add content that was asked about or requested by the customer during your meeting
    3. Add meeting notes, price lists, extra information after your meeting
    4. From Analytics you can see what they have been viewing and then you can add more relevant content to entice more desired actions.
    5. Upload the contract and any extra details to the same digital sales room when they've signed the deal
    6. Add an onboarding "how to use" video to help them get started!

    Optional settings:

    • Ask for the recipients email:
    • ➡️ It is recommended to keep this option on, for tracking the recipients activity on your share and seeing it's analytics
    • Set an expiration date
    • Set a secure PIN code:
    • ➡️ Recommended when you share highly sensitive materials
    • Choose if the shared content can be downloaded or not


    • The language user interface (left menu bar and notifications) in the DSR is determined by the recipients own browser settings.
    • 🔥 Coming Soon: Custom URL's for your shares! For example:


    • Hide the link to your share, with the 'Insert link'-option available in your email application. For example:

      insert link tip