Customize your Workspace and Digital Sales Rooms by branding it with your, or your dealers, company logo and colors.


If you have sister companies, subdivisions, or dealers who are using the same Workspace and want their own branding, especially in their Digital Sales Rooms, you can easily add multiple brands to tailor their needs. This allows each entity to have their unique logo, color and icon inside of Showell, and with their shared materials. 

For instance, if a dealer in your Showell Workspace uses their own company branding during sales pitches, they can now apply that branding to the shares they create. This not only helps the dealer with creating more own brand awareness, but also the recipient of the share, as they can easily recognize and connect with the branding they know and trust.

Branding Plus

How to uniquely brand a Workspace or Digital Sales Room (Share Link):

1. As an Admin, you can add multiple brands to your Workspace

2. As a User:

3. View the result right away in your Workspace and in your Digital Sales Room


How can I start adding more brands?

Branding+ is an additional Showell feature. If you'd like to know more:

Can any user add brands to the Workspace?

No, only an Administrator has the ability to add new brands to the Workspace. If you are using a Workspace that does not provide your branding options, please reach out to your Showell Workspace Administrator for assistance.

Is the branding visible in any other areas besides the Showell Workspace and Digital Sales Room?

When an Administrator sends a notification to users in the Workspace, the branding they have chosen as their preferred branding will be displayed in the email notification. If the Administrator has not set a preference, the default branding will be used in the notifications.