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Personal User Settings & Preferences

This article will guide you step-by-step how to setup your user settings and Showell App preferences

Showell App

Manage your personal user settings

My Settings

To find your personal user settings, simply open the side menu of the Showell App and click 'My Settings' or your profile picture. From here you can find the following information:

My profile


  • Profile picture: Choose and set your personal profile picture
  • Basic info, such as Name, Username and Email
  • Details, such as Title, Country, Company, Mobile Phone and Signature

Links: You are able to add links to your social media or company website. These will be visible from the Digital Sales Room for your share recipients.

Security & Privacy

Change password

Multi-factor authentication: Secure your User Account by enabling MFA

Sign out from all devices: sign out from every device you have ever logged in with your Showell User Account


Set your language: Change the Showell App User interface language. Such as Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish or Swedish

Choose your Home Workspace: Only available if you have access to multiple Showell Workspaces. Your Home Workspace is the default Workspace that will open after login in to Showell.

Choose your Brand: Only available if your Workspace has multiple brands available. You can set your Branding of choice that will change logo, color and icon on your Workspace and Share links.

Notifications: Choose if by default, you'd like to receive email notifications for every share you create. You can still adjust this per individual share.


You can easily see all the materials you have uploaded to your Showell My Files. They will be displayed in a convenient overview, organized according to file size. This is especially useful if you are working on a device with limited storage capabilities. You also have the option to quickly remove and clean up your My Files, making it easier to manage your documents.


Any file you have removed from your My Files, will be displayed and stored up to 60 days in your personal trash folder.

Additionally under the 'My Settings'-tab pop-up:

Link to our Help Center

About Showell: Check the Showell version you use and open source licenses

Send feedback: Feel free to provide us with any feedback you might have regarding the Showell App

Sign Out: Sign out from the Showell App


Showell Admin:

Manage your personal user settings

My Settings Admin

To find your personal user settings, simply open Showell Admin, Click your username in the top right of the top menu > My Settings. From here you can find the following information: 

1. Settings overview

  • Edit your name, username, email, title, country or company
  • Provide your mobile number and/or add a signature
  • Choose your preferred Language settings for notifications
  • Change your password
  • Upload or set your profile picture
  • Check or remove your current privileges: This action can only be performed if you are an Admin. note that this cannot be undone
  • Save changes (2) when you made any changes to your settings

3. Find your analytics

4. User information

  • Option to disable your license: note that this cannot be undone
  • Change your Home Workspace
  • Find details on your last activity and used App versions
  • Check your My Files

5. Security Settings

6. Member of Groups

  • Remove or Add yourself to groups. This action can only be performed if you are an Admin

7. Notifications




Will my personal information be visible to the public? 

Your personal information is visible to yourself and your administrators. However, when you share materials, some of your information will be available to the share receivers. Find out what information is visible from our Digital Sales Room Help Center article.

What is a good size and format for my profile picture?

Ideally, you'd like to upload your thumbnails in JPG or PNG with a minimum of 500x500 pixels.

What happens when I change the language?

When you change the language in the Showell App, it will modify the User Interface, including the menu and navigation text. If the Multi-language feature is enabled, it will also change the language of your top-level folders and folders. However, it's important to note that the content files themselves will not be translated. Nonetheless, you can still filter your content based on your preferred language.

If there are folder translations not included in the standard languages, You can still choose the folder translation from the language preferences list within the Showell App. However, the user interface will remain in your standard language (For example your device's language or English).

Standard languages that do not have folder translations will still be accessible. Choosing one of these standard languages will change the user interface. However, the content will remain in the default language. you will be able to see this in the Showell App language preferences list as 'Content: Default language'.

🔔 Troubleshooting

Why can't I access Showell Admin to change my user information?

You can only access your personal user settings within Showell Admin if you are an Admin or a 'User with restricted access to Showell Admin'. Please contact your Showell Administrator or Showell Support if you'd like to change your information on the Admin side.