App: How to switch between your home and other accounts

It is possible within Showell to be a user or administrator on multiple accounts. You can easily jump from one account to another without the need to login again!

How to switch between accounts

  • Open the side menu
  • Click/tap on Accounts
  • Select the account you would like to switch to

What is a home account, and how do I know/change mine?

A home account is your main Showell account. If you have multiple accounts, the home account will always open up first when you login to the Showell App or Admin area.

If you'd like to change your home account:

If you'd like to access multiple accounts, but currently are unable to:

  • Contact the Showell administrator of the account you do not have access, to add you as a user/administrator.
  • Contact Showell Support.
    ➡️ Note that we can only add you to the other account with permission from the account administrator