How to set up multiple accounts

With Showell you can have access to multiple accounts. Some companies might require multiple accounts for different departments or branches.

What is a Showell Account?

Once you or your company has signed up with Showell, you will be able to access your personal Showell account:

  • In Showell Admin, this is the place where you manage your content, users, branding and analytics.
  • In the Showell App, this is the place where you are able to find, present and share your content.

Why a multi-account setup?

Depending on the size of the company, it can come in handy to have separate accounts for different branches, departments or locations.

  • Each account can be managed by a different administrator OR one administrator can manage multiple accounts at once.
  • Also users can have access to multiple accounts if they have the need to access materials from different branches.
  • A user or admin can use their personal username and password to access all account, without the need to sign in/out every time.
    ➡️Learn more on how to switch between accounts

How do I create or gain access to multiple accounts?

If you'd like your company to have multiple accounts, we recommend to contact Showell for a tailored solution! Feel free to contact:

If your company already has multiple accounts set up and you would like to access another account:

  • Contact the Showell Administrator of the account you want to gain access to
  • Not sure who the Administrator is? Contact Showell Support and we will help you further!