Multi-Workspace Support

With Showell you can have access to multiple Workspaces. Some companies might require multiple Workspaces for different departments or branches.

How a Multi-Workspace setup can benefit your company

Multi-Workspace support in Showell offers a range of advantages that can greatly enhance your organizational efficiency. By dividing your collateral into multiple tailored Showell Workspaces, you have the flexibility to cater to different needs and preferences within your company.


A key benefit is the ability to individually brand and structure each Workspace. This means you can customize the appearance and organization of your collateral, ensuring that it aligns with the specific requirements of each Workspace. Whether it's different logos, color schemes, or layout preferences, you have full control over how each Workspace is presented.

Additionally, multi-Workspace support allows you to divide your collateral based on different countries, languages, branches, or business units. This is particularly beneficial for larger companies with diverse operations. By separating your collateral, you can ensure that the right materials are easily accessible to the right teams, eliminating confusion and streamlining workflows.

It also enables you to manage each Workspace independently, with dedicated administrators overseeing the content and users within their respective areas. Alternatively, one administrator can manage multiple Workspaces simultaneously, providing a centralized approach to Workspace management.

Furthermore, multi-Workspace support caters to users who need access to materials from different branches. Instead of having separate logins for each Workspace, users can utilize their personal username and password to seamlessly access all Workspaces. This eliminates the need to sign in and out multiple times, saving time and simplifying the user experience.

In summary, multi-Workspace support in Showell offers the flexibility and customization needed to optimize your collateral management. With individually branded Workspaces, the ability to divide collateral based on different criteria, and streamlined access for users, it's a valuable feature for companies of all sizes and complexities.




Should I utilize the Multi-Workspace option in my organization? Are there any other options available for me to consider?

Before you begin, it is crucial to develop a comprehensive plan for organizing and categorizing your content. This may even involve multiple languages. We strongly suggest reading the following article that provides guidance on the benefits of different content structures for your Workspace: Plan your Content Structure.

How do I get multiple Showell Workspaces for my organization?

If you'd like your company to have multiple Workspaces, we recommend to contact Showell for a tailored solution. If you'd like to know more:

How do I, as a user, gain access to other Showell Workspaces?

If your company has multiple Workspaces set up and you need access to another Workspace, simply reach out to the Showell Administrator of the Workspace you want to gain access to. If you're unsure who the Administrator is, don't worry! Contact Showell Support and we'll be happy to assist you further.