How to create your content structure

Creating your content structure is very straightforward. Start by creating your main categories, creating sub-folders and then finish with uploading your materials.

How is content structured within Showell?

content structure

  • In Showell, content is divided into views. Views are your main content categories.

  • Within those views, you can organize your content into sub-folders if required.
  • Both views and folders can contain your collateral (files, documents, links, ..).


How to organize content

content restructured

A good starting point is to consider the following:
  • What is the basis of dividing your collateral into the main categories (views)?
    ➡️ For example: Your views could be based on business units, customer segments, product offering, etc.
  • Will every user have access to all material or will there be some restrictions?
  • What type of material do you have?
  • Sales, marketing, training, etc.
  • Do you have content in multiple languages?


How to create and organize views

Your views are conveniently placed under the 'Files'-tab

How to create a view

  • Select the FILES tab in the top menu
  • Select ➕ Create a new view 

    create a new view

  • Give a name to your view and choose if you would like to have this public or private
  • Click Done

How to organize a view

Every time you create a new view, it will be automatically placed to the top of your 'view'-list. If you do not have Showell Themes activated, this will also adjust the lay-out of the home page within your Showell App. If you'd like to change the order, this is how it's done:

  • Navigate to the view, that you would like to move
  • Go to the view's Settings
    view settings
  • Go to the bottom of the Settings page and find the VIEW ORDER
    change view order
  • Choose the place where you would like to move the view to
    change view order choice
  • Click ✔️Save changes


How to create and organize folders

How to create a folder

create new folder

  • Navigate to the view or folder where you would like to add a new folder
  • Click Add > 📁 New folder
  • Choose a name and click Done
  • You will be automatically navigated inside the new folder

How to change the order of your folders

  • You can simply drag and drop your folders or content to the desired spot