Thumbnail images

Find the right content quicker and easier by creating relevant thumbnail images for your files and folders.

Add a thumbnail image via a folder's settings page 

Admin_thumbnail 1
  • Open a file or folder’s Settings page by either selecting the file itself or by selecting a file or folder’s Setting tab located in the top right of it's page
  • Then select Change image underneath the thumbnail image

Note: By default, Showell creates the thumbnail image from the first page of a document. For videos and HTML5 documents, Showell displays generic thumbnail images. 

Add a thumbnail image via a file/folder's image drop-down menu

Admin_thumbnail 2
  • Open a view or folder
  • Select the drop-down menu next to a file or folder’s title
  • From here you can crop, upload your own custom design thumbnail image or select an image from Showell’s own gallery

Tip: Custom design thumbnail images should be in square format, e.g. 500 x 500 pixels JPG or PNG image files.