My Files: Showell App

With My Files in the Showell App, users can add files and folders to their app directly from within the app. These files are visible only to the user who uploaded them.

How to use MyFiles in Showell App

My files +-2
  • Open the Side Menu
  • Go to My Files
  • Navigate to the + icon in the bottom right corner and tap it
  • Choose add file or add folder
  • Select the desired file(s) and/or folder(s) from your device

Note: If you want to turn this feature OFF for your Showell App account - please contact

Tip: Sometimes sales reps will have to use customized content. Every customer is different and you should adjust your content to match the needs of that specific customer. My Files allows you to do just that. By having a personal space for their material, every rep can upload customized content to their app.


Note: You can also add MyFiles content to your own custom presentations!

Unsure which file types are supported? Take a look at supported content