App: My Files and My Files+

My Files is your private space within Showell. Users can upload and manage their personal files, and save presentations as a PDF.

💡My Files, your private space within Showell

  • Upload and manage your personal files
  • Add your 'My Files'-content to your own custom presentations.
  • The edited version of a document using the MS Office 'edit in' feature, will be stored in your My Files.
  • Screen recordings will also be stored in your My Files.
  • Your My Files are only visible to yourself and your account's administrators.
  • Tip: Sometimes sales reps will have to use customized content. Every customer is different and you should adjust your content to match the needs of that specific customer. My Files allows you to do just that. By having a personal space for their material, every rep can upload customized content to their app.

👉This article will inform you:

➡️My Files+ is an additional feature that is ON by default. Contact support if you'd like to turn this feature OFF.



User with restricted admin rights



My Files

My Files+

My Files

My Files+

My Files

My Files+

Save presentation as a PDF YES YES YES YES YES YES
Save screen recordings YES YES YES YES YES YES
Showell App: Upload content and manage folder in My Files NO YES NO YES YES (Online)* YES
Showell Admin: upload content and manage folders in My Files NO NO YES YES YES YES

* At the moment, this option is only available with Showell Online.


How to upload files, create folders and add links in My Files

  • Open My Files from the left menu section
  • Click the ➕icon in the bottom right corner
    • Click Add files to add the content you want to upload. Note that you can multi-select files on your device to upload multiple files at once.
    • Click Add folder to create a new folder within your My Files.
    • Click Add a web link to insert a website URL.


How to manage My Files content

  • Clicking the 3 dots under each file or folder within My Files, gives you the following options:
    • Rename your file or folder
    • Move your files or folders around and create an organized structure within My Files
    • Remove your files or folders if you have no need for them any more
    • Copy your files or folders, this can be handy if you wish to edit your files, but keep an original.