Smart Folders

Smart Folders allow you to collect and organize similar files in a single location

Add a Smart Folder

If you often find yourself searching for the same files, there's no need to worry anymore! With the Smart Folder feature, you can easily organize your Workspace content using specific filters and sorting preferences. The Smart Folder will always contain the files arranged according to your chosen parameters.

Whether you're a user or an Admin, you have the ability to create Smart Folders. Users can create Smart Folders within their My Files section, while Admins can create them anywhere in the content structure for all users to benefit from.

For example, if you frequently search for 3D product files in your Workspace, you can now create a Smart Folder and specify the file type as '3D' and the keyword as 'Products'. Once created, the Smart Folder will display all the 3D product files.

Add Smart Folder

1. In the Showell App for Web, Open 'Edit'-Mode and navigate to the location you want to add a Smart Folder to > click +Add

  • As a User, this can be done from your My Files
  • As an Admin, this can be done anywhere in the Workspace content structure

2. Choose 'Add Smart Folder'

3. Decide on your Smart Folder settings:

  • Title: Give a name to your Smart Folder
  • Filters: Set your File type, Keywords and/or Languages
  • Sorting: Choose how the Smart Folder should be sorted by default

4. Click 'Done' to create the Smart Folder


Edit a Smart Folder

Edit Smart Folder

1. In the Showell App for Web, Open 'Edit'-Mode and navigate to the Smart Folder

2. Click its 'File Properties' button Settings to display the right side menu

3. From the 'Properties' tab on the top, you are able to manage options of the Smart Folder as any other folder

4. From the 'Smart Folder' tab on the top, you can adjust your filters, keywords and sorting options

5. Click Save for the changes to take affect



Will the Smart Folder update automatically when new content is added?

The Smart Folder will automatically update whenever new content that matches the specified filters is added to your Workspace by the administrators.

Do Smart Folders display hidden or private content?

Users will only see the content in a Smart Folder if they have the necessary permissions. This means that the Smart Folder will appear differently for different user groups within your Workspace.

Here's an example:

Imagine you have a Workspace with images stored in different folders. Let's say Folder A, B, and C each contain 2 images. Now, there are two user groups in your Workspace. Group Y has access to all folders, while Group X only has privileges to Folder A.

You create a Smart Folder with the filter set to 'Images'. When accessing this, Group Y will see a total of 6 images because they have access to all folders in the Workspace. On the other hand, Group X will only see 2 images in the Smart Folder because they can only access Folder A.

Hidden content will never be shown in a Smart Folder.