App: How to search

Within Showell you can find relevant content using the search option. Or you can do an advanced search, where you can narrow down your criteria to specific file types, keywords and/or languages.

👉Showell's search option:

  • The Showell app has a powerful search function as a standard feature. Users can easily find relevant content by typing in their search term into the search bar located in the side menu. The search brings back results based on filenames and keywords.

👉Showell's advanced search option:

  • With the advanced search you can filter search results based on file types, keywords, languages and search terms. The advanced search makes it easier to narrow down search results if your account has a lot of content.

How to search

  • Open the side menu
  • Tap/Click on the search bar
  • Type in your search terms
  • Tap/click on the desired content


How to use advanced search

  • Tap the top of your screen to access the Top Menu
  • Select the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner
  • Type in your search ➡️ search results are automatically suggested
  • Choose a file type, keywords and/or languages