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Within Showell you can find relevant content or shares using the search option, where you can narrow down your criteria to specific file types, keywords and/or languages.

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I'm using the Showell App

Search Contents

When you open the Search window, Showell's AI will provide you with recommended files based on your previous file and folder activity. You will also see a list of your recently viewed items, making it easy to find what you're looking for.

By providing your search terms, our powerful search feature scans through folders, files, and document content to quickly give you relevant results.

To further refine your search, you can use multiple filters like folder location, file type, keywords, and languages. Additionally, you have the option to sort the results by relevance, name, date modified, or date created.


1. In the Showell App, click Search in the top right corner

3. Type in your search (Search results are automatically suggested)

4. Narrow down your results by using filters and sort options:

  • Search From: All Folders / Current folder / All except My Files / My Files
  • File Type/File Format
  • Keywords: With option to 'Match Any' or 'Match All'
  • Languages
  • Sort By: Most Relevant / Name / Date Modified / Date Created


  • Click the arrow under the file name to reveal it's path/location.
  • Use the 'plus' icon to Collect files


Search Shares

Search for shares by subject, message, or recipient's email. Easily locate active, expired, soon to expire, or never to expire shares using the status filter. Sort your results by relevance, name, date created, date last visited, or expiration date.

Search Shares

1. In the Showell App, click Search in the top right corner

2. Click the 'Shares'-Tab

3. Search, filter and/or sort:

  • Type in your search: You can Search for a share recipients email address or the share subject/message
  • Status: All / Active / Expired / Expires in a week / Never Expires
  • Sort By: Most Relevant / Subject / Date Created / Date last visited / Expiration Date


  • You are able to see a preview of the share recipients emails right away
  • Click the Share you'd like to open/edit its details or view its analytics.


I'm using Showell Admin

Search contents or users

1. Open Showell Admin

2. Select the magnifying glass in the top right of the top menu

3. Quickly search for any file, folder, view or user



Can I search inside a document?

Certainly! Showell has the ability to search within all documents to locate the specific search term you are seeking. However, at this time, it does not have the capability to highlight the search words within the document itself.

Can I search for exact matches in the search results?

To ensure you find exactly what you need, enclose your search term in quotation marks ("term"). This will help narrow down the results and provide more accurate matches.

How do I know the path/location of a document I searched for?

You can click the folder icon next to the document in the search results, or you can open the document and click the folder icon next to its name in the top menu bar. This action will display the document's path/location.