Collect Contents

Collect files and folders for instant sharing to your customers or to show/create a presentation on the fly!

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How to collect files


How to collect files

How to Collect Files

1. In the Showell App, navigate to the content you'd like to collect. This can be content from multiple locations.

2. Click/tap the plus-box in the thumbnail footer of the file or folder. You can use Shift+Select for quick collection

  • Click/tap the box again to remove the file or folder from collected

3. In the top right corner of the Showell App, you will find your collected content. The number indicated the amount of files and folders you have collected.

4. Once you click the 'Collected'-option, you will find the following:

  • Contents: Here you can see your collected content in a glance. Remove individual files/folder you don't need, or change the order of the collected files by dragging and dropping them in the right place, or by utilizing the 'move' options under the 3 dots. This comes in handy if you want to show or create a presentation.
  • Share: Quickly share your collected content
  • Start presenting: Instantly give a presentation of the collected content
  • Save as presentation: Save your collected content as a presentation to your 'Presentations'-tab
  • Clear collected: This will make sure no content is collected anymore.



What is the use case of collecting files?

This quick collection method allows you to easily accomplish the following tasks:

Do contents stays collected when I close the Showell App?

Once you have collected files, they will stay collected. You can navigate your content and collect files/folder in different locations. You can even logout and come back later to your Showell Workspace.

How does the keyboard shortcut SHIFT+Select work in practice?

Use the keyboard shortcut SHIFT+Select to instantly collect multiple files in a folder.

For example: there are 8 files within the folder, and you want to quickly collect the first 5. Hold down the SHIFT-key while you check the plus-box of the 5th file. The first 5 files will now be automatically collected.