How to select files

Select files for instant sharing to your customers or to show/create a presentation on the fly!

💡You can quickly select multiple files by clicking/tapping their tick-boxes.

You can use this quick selection method for:

  • Sharing materials on the fly
  • Instantly show a presentation of the selected files
  • Or create a presentation, saved to your 'My Presentations'-tab


  • Once you have selected files, they will stay selected
    • You can navigate your content and select files/folder in different locations
    • You can even logout and come back later to your Showell Account
  • use the keyboard shortcut SHIFT+Select to instantly select multiple files in a folder.
    ➡️ For example: there are 8 files within the folder, and you want to quickly select the first 5. Hold down the SHIFT-key while you check the tick-box of the 5th file. The first 5 files will now be automatically selected.
    ➡️Currently only available using Showell Online.

How to select files

  • Navigate to the content you'd like to select (this can be content from multiple locations)
  • Click/tap the check-box in the top right corner of the file or folder.
    ➡️Use Shift+Select for quick selection
  • In the top right corner you will find your selected content. The number indicated the amount of files and folders you have selected.
  • Once you click this, you will find the following options:
    • Content: Here you can see your selected content in a glance. Remove individual files/folder you don't need, or change the order of the selected files if you want to show/create a presentation.
    • Share: Quickly share your selected content
    • Show presentations: Instantly give a presentation of the selected content
    • Save as presentation: Save your selected content as a presentation to your 'My Presentations'-tab
    • Unselect all: Unselect all the content you have selected

💡Note: When using Showell Online as an Admin, you have the following additional options:

  • Move selected: Move your selected content to another location within Showell
  • Remove selected: Remove the selected content from your Showell Account.
    ⚠️Accidentally removed? No worries, you can still find your content for up to 60 days within the Trash folder in Showell Admin.