Creating Presentations

Use Showell App to create tailored presentations from content already in your account. With Presentation Creator you can customize each presentation to cater to the specific needs of each customer.

Create a presentation using "Presentation Creator"

Presentation creator is a view in Showell App where you can add, edit and delete files for your own custom presentation! Add slides from either already existing files in Showell or from your own My Files documents. 


  • Start by opening the Side Menu
  • Go to My Presentations and tap the + sign in the top right OR + Presentation tab
  • Presentation Creator appears in the right side of your screen
  • Now you can simply select your files from the left, and they'll appear to the creator list.
    • You can also pick individual pages from an existing document!
  • Rearrange files/slides in the list by long tapping/clicking (few seconds) and then dragging and dropping
  • Press Done and name your presentation
  • You're now ready to present your tailored presentation!

Note: Presentation Creator is not a mobile device feature (phone)

Create a presentation by "selecting" files already in Showell


  • Select the files you wish to add to your presentation by checking the tick found on the top left of a file's thumbnail
  • When you have the files selected, tap Tools in the Top Menu
  • Open Selected 
  • You can start presenting by clicking on Show presentation or
  • You can save the presentation by tapping save as presentation
  • Name your presentation and you're all set!

    Access and edit saved presentations

    Screenshot 2021-06-28 at 16.10.23

    Note: Editing presentations is not possible with a mobile device (phone).

    • You will find your presentations under the Side Menu > My Presentations

    • Tap the title to open your presentation

    • By tapping the button with three dots a menu opens where you can

      • edit the content of the presentation,

      • rename the presentation,

      • save the presentation as PDF,

      • share the presentation, 

      • Duplicate the presentation and 

      • Remove the presentation. 

    Tip: To meet the unique requirements particular customers may have - it's not always the most optimal to show existing documents as a whole. Instead, Presentation Creator allows you to create tailored presentations to exactly match your customers different needs and demands!

    How to remove individual slides from a Presentation


    • Open the side menu
    • Select My Presentations
    • Select the 3 dots - next to the title of the presentation you wish to edit
    • Once in Presentation Creator, select the 3 dots on the file you wish to remove
    • Select Remove
    • Then select Done to save the presentation