Create Presentations

Use Showell App to create tailored presentations from content already in your account. With Presentation Creator you can customize each presentation to cater to the specific needs of each customer.

Introduction to Presentation Creator

To cater to the specific needs of individual customers, it may not always be optimal to present existing documents as is. That's where Presentation Creator comes in. It enables you to create customized presentations that perfectly align with your customers' unique requirements.

Showell provides a built-in Presentation Creator tool that allows you to gather the most relevant materials such as documents, individual pages, images, videos, and more, to create a one-of-a-kind presentation tailored to your customers. With this tool, you can easily add, edit, or remove files from your custom-made presentations. You can even include content from your My Files.

Want to take your presentation to the next level of customization? Enhance it by incorporating your company's unique design using the Slide Designer feature.


Create a presentation

Option 1: Create from the 'My Presentations' section

1. In the Showell App, open the side menu

2. Go to My Presentations and click the + sign in the top, or if you have not created any presentation yet, click the  '+ Presentation'-button

3. The Presentation Creator is opened on the right side of your screen

4. Navigate your content, as you'd normally do, and select the desired files by clicking the '+'-button in the top left corner of a file. This will add the file to the Presentation Creator.

  • You can also open multi-page documents and add individual pages, by navigating to the page and clicking '+'-button in the bottom right corner

5. In addition to adding files, you can also:

  • Change the files order: Rearrange files/slides in the Presentation Creator list by long-tapping/clicking (a few seconds) and then dragging and dropping
  • Remove individual slides: Click the 3 dots on the file you wish to remove > Select Remove

6. Press Done and name your presentation.

Option 2: Create a presentation by "selecting" files

1. Select the files you wish to add to your presentation by checking the checkbox found on the top left of a file.

2. When you have the files selected, click Selected in the Top Menu

3. You can now:

  • Start presenting by Clicking on Show presentation
  • Save the presentation by tapping save as presentation > Name your presentation and you're all set!


Manage your presentations

options for created presentations

After creating a presentation, you can easily access it by navigating to the Side Menu and selecting "My Presentations." From there, simply click on the title of the presentation you want to open.

Manage the presentation

By clicking the 3dot-button, next to a presentation, you will have the following options:

  • Edit the content of the presentation. This will re-open the Presentation Creator
    • Add new files in the same way as when you create a presentation.
    • Change the files order: Rearrange files/slides in the Presentation Creator list by long-tapping/clicking (a few seconds) and then dragging and dropping
    • Remove individual slides: Click the 3 dots on the file you wish to remove > Select Remove
  • Rename the presentation
  • Save the presentation as PDF: The PDF presentation will be saved to your My Files folder. Depending on the size of your presentation, this conversion might take a little time. Note that this can only be done if all the documents in the presentation are shareable.
  • Share the presentation: This will open the sharing window where you can then add other files and set your sharing options.
  • Duplicate the presentation: This will make a copy of your presentation, that you are then able to rename. This comes in handy if you would like to present the same content to multiple customers, but tailor it for each one.
  • Remove the presentation



Do presentations stay up-to-date, even after sharing?

Showell presentations always stay up-to-date. When you create a presentation, it directly uses the original files, so there are no copies or separate presentation files. Any changes made to the original files in Showell will automatically update the corresponding slides in the presentation.

If a file is removed, the corresponding slides will be removed, and a message will indicate that the file cannot be found.

Can I create a stand-alone file for my presentation?

If you want to prevent your presentation from being updated or protect it from files being removed, you have the option to save the presentation as a PDF. By doing this, you create a stand-alone version of the presentation that will not be affected by any changes made to the original files.

🔔 Troubleshooting

Why can't I start the Presentation Creator on my phone?

Presentation Creator is not available on mobile devices. However you can still create presentations by 'selecting files'.