How to share content

Share any content or presentation you'd like, provide it with a custom message, and manage its sharing options. This will make sure to impress your customers when viewing the shared materials from the Digital Sales Room

➡️ This article will guide you step-by-step how to share your content.

💡 For more information:

Step 1: Select content you'd like to share

  • Option 1: Underneath a File/Folder thumbnail
    thumbnail share
    • Click the 3 dots underneath a file or folder
    • Click Share 
  • Option 2: In a file
    in a file share
    • Open a file 
    • In the top right corner, click Share
  • Option 3: A presentation (How do I create a Presentation?)
    presentation share
    • Open the side menu and click 'My Presentations'
    • Click the 3 dots next to a presentation
    • Click Share OR Combine and share as PDF
  • Option 4: Multi-select
    multi select share
    • Select multiple files by clicking the checkbox at the top left corner of the file
      💡 You can select files from different folders
    • In the top right corner of the App: click Selected
    • Tip: Click Content to manage your selected content (remove / organize)
    • Click Share
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💡 By default you are able to share files, but not folders. As an Admin, learn more on how to manage files and folder sharing permissions:

Step 2: Manage your share

  • How to manage files in a share
    • Adding more files to your share: Click '+ Add files' > Navigate the account and add more materials by clicking the 'Plus'-icon in the top left corner of a file/folder > Click 'Done' in the bottom right corner when all files have been selected.
      Add files button
    • Removing files from your share: Click the 'Trashbin'-icon next to the file. Trash Icon
    • Organize your files: Select and hold a file and drag it to the right spot.
      ➡️ This will determine the file order within the Digital Sales Room
      Organize files
    • Downloading options: Toggle the 'downloadable'-button on/off and choose the files that can be downloaded by the share recipient(s)
      download toggles
  • share details with recipientsHow to personalize a share
    • Add Recipients. Recipients you've added will receive an email with the DSR share link.
      💡Can't see the 'Recipients'-field yet? Click here for more information.
    • Add your topic in the 'Subject'-field
    • Write a personalized message in the 'message'-field
      ➡️ Templates: You can quickly add previously written messages by clicking the 'Use previous message'-button
  • How to set your share preferences
    • Set PIN code: Set a pin if the files you are sharing are confidential and you'd like to add an extra layer of security. You can provide the recipient with the PIN via any communication channel of your choice.
      pin code
    • Set Expiration date: Choose the date you would like this share to expire
      ➡️ By default this is set to 6 months (Request a custom default expiration date)
      ➡️ Keep disabled if you don't want this share to expire
      set expiration date
    • Ask for email: If you ask for a recipients email, you will receive notifications on share tracking activity. You will also find out who has been viewing your shared material.
      ask for email
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Step 3: Share


send share

  • Preview
    • Now that you've selected and organized all materials you'd like to share, you are able to see a preview, how it will look for the recipient(s), in the Digital Sales Room
  • Copy link
    • This will Copy the Share link, that leads to the Digital Sales Room, to your clipboard. you can paste this to your email, social media, SMS or other communication channels.
  • Share (Save)
      • You haven't added any recipients: This will save the share. You can access/edit the share at any time from 'My Shares'.

💡 The 'Recipients'-field:

  • Introduced with Showell Version 9.5, the 'Recipients'-field makes it more convenient to send your shares straight to your customers, skipping the additional steps to share from a default email app.
  • Emails are send from and contain your subject, message and share link to the Digital Sales Room.
  • With the 'Recipients'-field activated, the option to share straight from your default email app will not be available.
    💡 You can still copy/paste the share link/URL to your email app.
  • Please contact Showell Support, if you'd like to have this feature ON/OFF.

share recipients

💡 If you'd like to add an extra layer of protection to your shared PDF content: Make sure the PDF itself has "prevent content copying".