My Shares: email notifications

Get notified by email when a recipient has opened, viewed or downloaded your shared material!

➡️We've all been there: It took a lot of effort and time to sent your files across via email... and then you don't even know if the recipient(s) opened them!

This is a problem of the past with Showell!

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My Shares: email notifications

a file youve shared was just viewed email

  • When you have sent out your share, one of the most valuable information is to simply know if the receiver has opened the documents. This gives insight on how interested the prospect is. Therefor you will receive an instant email when a document has been viewed.
  • When creating a share, We recommend to ask for email. This will automatically tell you WHO has opened the document.
    • If you choose not to ask for email, you will still receive a notification.
  • The email is send from In rare cases it can happen that the notification email goes to your spam/trash folder.

💡 What is Share Tracking?

How to turn notifications ON/OFF

notifications toggle

In order to disable the notifications, you need access to Showell Admin. If this is not the case, please contact one of your account administrators to turn of the notification):

  • Open Showell Admin
  • Click your name in the top right corner and choose My Settings
  • On the right side of the page you will find the Notifications tab
  • Toggle 'Receive notifications about shares you've created' to OFF