Content Sharing: "Recipient Activity" Notifications

Get notified by email when a recipient has opened, viewed or downloaded your shared material! (ON by default)

To disable all tracking notifications when sharing - for an individual user account:

New Tab - Google Chrome 10_10_2019 14_18_55 (2)

  • Go to (If you don't have permission to access Showell Admin Panel, please ask one of your account administrators to do the following steps for you)
  • Select the account name in the top right of the top menu
  • Open My Settings 
  • Under Notifications turn OFF Receive notifications about shares you've created

Example: If "Receive notifications about shares you've created" setting is turned OFF - this means that when a recipient views or downloads content you have shared with them, you won't get email notifications regarding this activity.

Recipient is asked to add their email before opening a share (OFF by default):

  • When sharing content - a recipient won't be asked by default to add their email before viewing your share - this means you won't be able to see who has viewed your content.

Note: If you would like to Enable "Asking for email" when sharing for your entire account(all your users) - please contact us at

  • If enabled, for every share, you will get informed who has been viewing your shared content.

Tip: If you're using Advanced Sharing - you can toggle ask for email ON or OFF before you share.