Supported content

Showell accepts most of the common document formats. If you upload a document that is not supported, a question mark will appear above the uploaded content to show it’s an unknown document type.


Showell automatically converts your MS Office OpenOffice and Keynote documents, spreadsheets and presentations to PDF.
If you don’t like the result of the automatic conversion, we recommend that you save the file in PDF format before uploading to Showell Admin.

  • Supported document formats:
    doc, docx, odt, rtf, wpd, wps, lwp, ppt, pptx, odp, xls
  • Supported spreadsheet formats:
    xls, xlsx, ods.
  • Supported presentation formats:
    ppt, pptx, odp, key, 

Images, Illustrations and Videos

Recommended format for photos is JPG. If you want to optimize your photos, for example for an iPad, the photos should be resized to fit the retina resolution (2048×1536) before uploading, so they will upload faster and require less disk space from your iPad. Showell also accepts most camera RAW image formats. Raw images are automatically converted to JPG format. Showell automatically converts your illustrations to PDF format.

  • Supported illustration formats:
    eps, ps and svg 
  • Supported image formats:
    jpg, png, gif and psd (automatically converted to PNG)
  • Supported RAW image formats:
    3fr, cr2, crw, dcr, erf, mos, mrw, nef, orf, raf, raw, x3f
  • Supported video formats:
    mp4, m4v and move
  • 3D models (converted to .glb): 
    glb, fbx, stl, obj, 3ds, u3d, dae, gltf, drc, rvm, amf, ply.
    GLB is the recommended file format with FBX and U3D being the second-best options.
  • Videos should be resized for the display ratio.

HTML5 documents

HTML documents often require other resources, such as images, stylesheets or custom fonts. For this reason, it is possible to upload HTML5 document as a ZIP archive. ZIP archive must contain index.html or app.html and the file must not be inside a sub directory. Archives with index.html are considered as HTML5 presentations and they don’t require user activation.

Archives with app.html are considered HTML5 applications and they always require user activation. You should use app.html if you want to capture all user events (such as swipe) in your HTML5 application. Normal Showell navigation gestures (e.g. swipe right to go back) are disabled when HTML5 app is enabled.

Supported HTML formats: 
html,, zip 

Note: if your document doesn’t require many images and large stylesheets, it may be a good idea to try to encapsulate the entire presentation in a single HTML document. That way it is easier for you to make changes, because you don’t need to create the archive each time. It is even possible to add images to the HTML file using Data URIs.

Unsupported files

While we are constantly improving our support for different document types, it is not possible to support all formats. Showell doesn’t stop you from uploading unsupported file types to Showell. You can even download the files to your application and if Showell cannot show your file it provides you an "Open in another application" feature (Top menu > Tools > Open in). Using this feature you can choose, which application you want to use to display the file.