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Supported Content & File Formats

Showell accepts most of the common file formats. And even if a file is not supported, Showell has a solution in place!

Supported Contentsales-content-management

Showell supports a wide arrange of content, this includes:

How does Showell handle files, and are there limitations?

Showell will automatically convert your files to the most suited file type for showcasing your content. However, the original file is still accessible from within Showell Admin. You can also choose to share your content as the original or converted version!

Showell does have a limitation on file size, as a single file cannot exceed 6GB. However, this limit is rarely reached unless you are dealing with multi-file zip archives or lengthy 4k uncompressed movies. So, there is no need to worry about exceeding the size limit for most standard files.

What does Showell recommend?

  • Below you will find a list with the file types we support and the file type it converts to. The recommended file types are set in bold. Showell currently supports up to 54 file types!
  • Documents will be automatically converted to PDF with the highest care to keep your content exactly how it is. However, if you don't like the result of the automatic conversion, we recommend to convert to PDF before uploading to Showell.
    • Even though most PDF files are less then 5MB, Note that PDF files larger then 280MB (these might be banners or PDF's with a lot of large images), will still be accessible from the Showell App, but cannot be accessed from Showell App for Web.
      Tip: we can recommend to optimize your documents if necessary.
  • For videos, Showell supports multiple formats. However, The Showell App for Web uses the browser build-in video player. As each browser (or even browser version) supports different formats and codecs, we highly recommend to upload all your content in MP4 with a H.264/AVC codec, as this is the most supported across all platforms and browsers.
  • For images, illustrations and videos we recommend to resize your content to a size that fits the screen well. Most monitors, tablets and phones are Full HD (16:9 aspect ratio).
    • We recommend to have content of at least 1920x1080 pixels. Smaller sized content might not look so great on a bigger screen.
    • If you will display your content mostly on Apple devices, we can recommend to have a resolution of at least 2084x1536 pixels.
    • 4K (UHD) devices have a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels, most devices do not support a resolution higher then this, so uploading larges sized content will take up unnecessary device space. However, if you will zoom in a lot on the content, there is no limit to the resolution you can use.
  • Even though 3D models automatically convert to GLB, we recommend to save/convert the files in advance to GLB, FBX or U3D for the best viewing experience.
  • Smart Tools often require other resources, such as images, style-sheets or custom fonts. Click here for more information on Smart Tools (Web Apps).
  • Showell supports all path lengths. However, due to the Windows path length limit of 256 characters, we do not recommend to go above this. This entire bullet point contains exactly 256 characters to provide you a visualization of how long the path could be.

How does Showell handle unsupported files?

While we are constantly improving our support for different document types, it is not possible to support all formats. Showell doesn’t stop you from uploading unsupported file types to Showell. You can even download the files to your application and if Showell cannot show your file it provides you an "Open in another application" feature (Top menu > Tools > Open in). Using this feature you can choose, which application you want to use to display the file.


List of file extensions organized according to extension

Extension File Type Automatically converts to:
.3ds 3D Model .glb
.3fr RAW image .jpg
.amf 3D Model .glb
.cr2 RAW image .jpg
.crw RAW image .jpg
.dae 3D Model .glb
.dcr RAW image .jpg
.doc Document .pdf
.docx Document .pdf
.drc 3D Model .glb
.eps Illustration .pdf
.erf RAW image .jpg
.fbx 3D Model .glb
.gif Image  
.glb 3D Model  
.gltf 3D Model .glb
.heic Image .jpg
.html Smart Tool  
.html.zip Smart Tool  
.jpg Image  
.key Presentation .pdf
.key.zip Presentation .pdf
.lwp Document .pdf
.m4v Video  
.mos RAW image .jpg
.mov Video .mp4
.mp4 Video  
.mrw RAW image .jpg
.nef RAW image .jpg
.obj 3D Model .glb
.odp Document .pdf
.ods Spreadsheet .pdf
.odt Document .pdf
.orf RAW image .jpg
.ply 3D Model .glb
.png Image  
.ppt Presentation .pdf
.pptx Presentation .pdf
.ps Illustration .pdf
.psd Image .png
.raf RAW image .jpg
.raw RAW image .jpg
.rtf Document .pdf
.rvm 3D Model .glb
.stl 3D Model .glb
.svg Illustration .pdf
.tif Image .pdf
.tiff Image .pdf
.u3d 3D Model .glb
.usdz 3D/Augmented Reality  
.wmv Video .mp4
.wpd Document .pdf
.wps Document .pdf
.x3f RAW image .jpg
.xls Spreadsheet .pdf
.xlsx Spreadsheet .pdf
.zip Smart Tool  

List of file extensions organized according to file type

File Type
extension Automatically converts to:
3D Model .3ds .glb
3D Model .amf .glb
3D Model .dae .glb
3D Model .drc .glb
3D Model .fbx .glb
3D Model .glb  
3D Model .gltf .glb
3D Model .obj .glb
3D Model .ply .glb
3D Model .rvm .glb
3D Model .stl .glb
3D Model .u3d .glb
3D/Augmented Reality .usdz  
Document .doc .pdf
Document .docx .pdf
Document .lwp .pdf
Document .odp .pdf
Document .odt .pdf
Document .rtf .pdf
Document .wpd .pdf
Document .wps .pdf
Illustration .eps .pdf
Illustration .ps .pdf
Illustration .svg .pdf
Image .jpg  
Image .png  
Image .psd .png
Image .tif .pdf
Image .tiff .pdf
Image .gif  
Image .heic .jpg
Presentation .key .pdf
Presentation .key.zip .pdf
Presentation .ppt .pdf
Presentation .pptx .pdf
RAW image .3fr .jpg
RAW image .cr2 .jpg
RAW image .crw .jpg
RAW image .dcr .jpg
RAW image .erf .jpg
RAW image .mos .jpg
RAW image .mrw .jpg
RAW image .nef .jpg
RAW image .orf .jpg
RAW image .raf .jpg
RAW image .raw .jpg
RAW image .x3f .jpg
Smart Tool .html  
Smart Tool .html.zip  
Smart Tool .zip  
Spreadsheet .ods .pdf
Spreadsheet .xls .pdf
Spreadsheet .xlsx .pdf
Video .m4v  
Video .mov .mp4
Video .mp4  
Video .wmv .mp4