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What kind of content can I upload & present with Showell?

Showell accepts most of the common document formats, including:

– documents (pdf, doc, docx, rtf, odt, wpd, wps)
– images (jpg, png, gif, psd, +raw photo formats) illustrations (eps, svg)
– presentations (ppt, pptx, odp)
– spreadsheets (xls, xlsx, ods)
– videos (mp4, m4v, mov)
– audio (mp3) and
– HTML5 apps/presentations (html,, .zip).

If you upload a document that is not supported, a question mark will appear above the uploaded content to show it’s an unknown document type.

For more info see: add-documents document-format-guide

Can I email files in my Showell account to my client?

 Yes, you can share via the Showell App or the CMP. Your recipient receives an email with a download link. The download page is branded with your company’s colors and logo that you can set in the Content Management Panel, account settings page. To share via the Showell App, first star the files that you’d like to share, go to favorites and then tap share.

See tutorial: File sharing

Can I customize the visual look and feel of Showell?

Yes you can! All visual customization is done via the Content Management Panel. Feel free to change background/thumbnail images, logo, menu colors and your profile picture.
For a personalized customization of the app’s entire theme and look that matches your own company’s image and sales process, simply contact us and order your very own Premium app! See: Showell Premium

Can I control access of who can see what content?

 Yes, as administrator you can access which users can see what content by accessing the Content Management Panel and then setting privileges to certain groups. If you have sales reps working in many different territories or business units across the globe, you might want separate accounts (contact us to activate multi-account support) for each territory/unit.

See tutorial: User permissions

Can I manage content in multiple languages?

 Yes you can! Currently the Showell App user interface is available in English, Finnish, French, German and Swedish. More languages are coming. This however, doesn’t affect what language your content may be in.

Easy way: For managing content in different languages, the easiest way is to first create separate folders or views for separate languages and then designate who can see what content via user permissions.

Big companies: For bigger companies, who have sales reps around the world, it is recommended to have entire separate accounts for each language or territory. This is supported via the multi-account feature (available with an upgrade).

Contact us for more information.

See tutorial: User permissions & Switching between multiple accounts

Can I adapt my presentations for different situations?

Showell gives you the freedom and tools to quickly adapt your presentations to any situation. To get the biggest benefits out of Showell:

  • Have all users presenting uniform content. This way you not only save a lot of time, but your sales reps will look more professional. (This doesn’t mean that users are not able to customize presentations)
  • Split up presentations. We recommend that the long presentations are split up into smaller sections and uploaded separately. This way sales reps can easily select which slides they present in different situations.
  • Pre-create presentations and save them for later use.
  • Create private views. If you want more freedom, you can give users permission to login to Showell CMP and upload their very own content into a private view. Private views can only be viewed by administrators and the users themselves.

    See tutorial: Private contentPresentation decksLogo and colors

What devices are supported and can I use the Showell app on multiple devices?

Yes, the Showell app can be accessed on multiple devices. Supported devices are: iPad (iPhone coming soon), Android tablets/phones and Windows 10 computers/tablets/phones.

We recommend touchscreen devices, but Showell also works just fine with a mouse & keyboard too (Windows 10 only). The app for is available to download from each platform’s app stores.

For recommended devices and operating systems see:  Device recommendations