My Shares and Analytics

My shares is a menu located on the side menu. You can share content straight from the menu, or you can view and re-share the shares you’ve made before. Add a custom message to accompany your share on Share Center and even view recipient activity!

Tip: Make sure you have our latest version of Showell App to experience all our newest features!
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My Shares


  • Open the side menu
  • Select My Shares
  • A list of your shares appears
  • Click on the + sign to create a new share

Note: The Active tab shows you what Shares haven't expired yet (you can set the expiration date when you create a new share.

My Shares Analytics


  • Open the side menu
  • Select My Shares
  • Open the share you wish to investigate, by selecting it
  • Select the Analytics tab

Tip: Checking a files analytics (what files or even pages a recipient viewed) will help focus your attention on what content is interesting and what is worth following up on.


Shares can be edited & removed


You can now go back to an already sent share and make changes:

  • Remove/add contents
  • Change/add the expiration date
  • Change/add a pin code
  • Give or remove access to download files from Share Center
  • Toggle "ask for email" (tracking) ON or OFF

Note: If a Share expires, it will not be removed automatically. This can be done manually:

  • Open MyShares
  • Select the 3 dots next to the share you wish to remove
  • Select either "Remove"
  • OR "Edit", and then selecting the "Remove" button from the top right of the page)

Once a share is removed, the sender will not see your shared contents anymore from the share link.