Manage your Shared contents

"Shares" is a tab located in the side menu. From here you can create new shares, or then view, edit and re-share your previous shares.

Introduction to 'Shares'

'Shares' is a convenient tab located on the side menu of the Showell App. It allows you to easily access and manage all the Shares you create. Additionally, you can create new Shares directly from this menu.

With 'Shares', you have the ability to re-Share or edit the content of your Shares. What's more, you can gain valuable insights through the gathered Share Analytics. This will help you to understand the level of interest your prospects or customers have in your shared content. For example by identifying the most popular content, you can focus your attention on what truly captures their interest and deserves follow-up.


Manage your Shares

To access all your Shares, simply open the Showell App and navigate to the 'Shares' tab in the side menu. Here, you will find a comprehensive list of all your Shares.

Shares Overview

Search and Filter

Quickly search or filter your shares to find exactly what you need.

  • Search: You are able to search any Share by its subject, message or recipients email address
  • Filter by: Provide your Share list with filters such as Active/Expired, Last visited, Recipients or Owner

Create a new Share

Click on the '+ Create Share' button in the top right, to create a new Share

Share overview

Click on the Share itself or click on its 'settings' icon.

  • This will display a detailed side menu that provides you with all the information about the Share. It also tells you if any shared files have been deleted from the Showell workspace.
  • From here, you can click 'Analytics', to view a quick analytics summary, or then click 'view more' to see more in-depth information.

View Share Analytics

Click the 'View Analytics'-button, available under the share name.

Edit a Share

Click on the Share itself, its 'settings' icon or click the Share subject

  • You can adjust your subject, message, expiration date, files, PIN, email and download options. Once you are done editing, make sure to click 'Save'.
  • Once edited, the Share will keep the same Share link (URL), and the content in the Digital Sales Room will be automatically updated.

Share Drafts

Open the 'Draft'-Share > Click 'Share'.

  • When offline, you have the ability to create your Shares. When you regain an internet connection, you can then Share, and so also create, the Share Links.

Additional options

you can access these by clicking the '3 dots' next to a Share

  • Copy Link: Handy if you'd like to re-Share the Share Link, you can quickly copy the link back to your clipboard
  • Copy PIN code: Copy the PIN code to your clipboard for easy sharing with the Share recipient(s).
  • View in Digital Sales Room: Open the Share link right away in your browser
  • Clone Share: Make a copy of your Share. This is handy if you want to Share the same contents with another recipient(s), but make some personalized changes.
  • De-activate/Activate: Quickly make the Share Link (un)available.
  • Remove: Remove the Share link completely.


Can I search my Shares?

You can easily search for your Shares within the 'Shares' area or by utilizing Showell's Advanced Search feature. This allows you to search for Shares based on their subject, message, and recipients' email addresses. Additionally, you have the option to filter your Shares based on criteria such as Active/Expired, Last visited, Recipients, or Owner.

Do I get notified when someone opens my Share Link/Digital Sales Room?

You will be notified by email whenever someone visits the Digital Sales Room via the Share Link. If you prefer not to receive these notifications, you can click here to learn how to disable this option.

Can I de-activate a Share?

If you want to temporarily deactivate a Share (and then perhaps reactivate it later), you can do so by accessing the Share tab in the side menu. Click on the three dots next to the Share and select "De-activate (set to expire now)."

To activate the Share again, simply follow the same steps but choose "Activate (set to expire in 30 days)." Alternatively, you can open the Share settings and select an expiration date of your choice.

Can I change ownership of a Share?

If you want a colleague to continue managing your Share, perhaps during an absence or holiday, a Showell Administrator is able to change the Share ownership. For more information: Manage Share Ownership

What happens to all my Showell Presentations and Shares when I update a file?