Introduction to the Digital Sales Room

The Digital Sales Room is a secure and custom branded webpage for your customers to view and interact with content that you've shared via Showell. Your shared content is all accessible online and ready to impact the receiver of your share.

Introduction & Key features

Digital Sales Room is a digital environment where salespeople can share personalized sales materials and interact with potential buyers. It is a secure, branded micro website that facilitates all relevant sales information and resources under one hub.

Have a look at our Blog Article for more in-depth information:

Digital Sales Room Exampleclick the image above for a Digital Sales Room example



  • Share any content, such as your presentations, documents, images, 3D files and/or folders
  • Share your content easily with one or multiple recipients (unlimited)
  • Create as many shares as you please (unlimited)


  • Follow the analytics of your share and how the recipients have been browsing your shared content
  • Activity tracking: Receive emails about interactions on your shares


  • Recipients can easily access the shared link and explore all the content without the need to download anything
  • You can open, browse and zoom on content, just like within the Showell App
  • Recipients can easily message back to the creator/sender of the share
  • Switch quickly between light and dark mode
  • Edited shares will keep the same share link (URL), the content in the DSR will be automatically updated. No need to sent a new link to the recipient




How do I create and setup a Digital Sales Room?

For more information on getting started with the DSR:

Can Showell make the Digital Sales Rooms into a concrete landing page?

The Digital Sales Room (DSR) can carry your domain name, but it will always be followed by the share URL itself ("").
However, you can still use the  DSR as a landing page the following way:

  • You can embed the DSR to your website
  • You can create a CTA button on your website that takes you to the DSR page
  • You can create a re-direct link from an existing landing page to the DSR. In this way the title can be searched from the web

Is it possible to modify the "DSR privacy policy text"?

You have the flexibility to customize the privacy policy text in the Digital Sales Room (DSR) according to your preferences. Additionally, you can even add multiple translations to cater to a wider audience. For more information and guidance on how to modify the privacy policy text, please reach out to Showell Support.

Can I customize the Digital Sales Room Branding?

Absolutely! Utilizing our premium Digital Sales Room Branding options, you can provide your sister companies, subdivisions or dealers that utilize the same Workspace with their own logo, color and icon.