Custom Domain

Having the Showell App for Web and your share links with your own domain/company name builds trust with your users and customers.

Custom Domain: Introduction

Having your Digital Sales Room Share Links and the Showell App for Web with your own domain name can greatly enhance trust with your users and customers. When setting up your custom domain, you also have the freedom to select a subdomain that best represents your company.

Additionally, your Showell App for Web login page will reflect your company's colors and logo, providing a seamless brand experience.

There are 2 options to form your custom domain:

Using your own company domain 

  • Requires DNS configuration: It is recommended that a person who has access to your domain configurations, such as your company's IT department, sets up a custom domain with DNS configuration.

Using the Showell domain: 

  • Does not require DNS configuration


Custom Domain: Setup Guide

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1. Login to Showell Admin

2. On the top menu bar, click Your user name > Account settings

3. Scroll down and click Configure custom domains

4. In the top right corner, click New domain

5. Write the name of your custom domain and click Continue. After you have entered your domain name, it will be in the 'creating' status. It may take a few minutes for it to move to the next status. Once the domain name is created, it will be in the 'pending_verification' status.

  • subdomain.companyname.comrequires DNS configuration. Continue to Step 6
  • companyname.showell.appdoes not require DNS configuration. Continue to Step 8

6. Click 'Show DNS config' and Configure your domain's DNS with the following records:

domain DNS config

  • Depending on your web hosting services, you might need to add a CAA record to Make sure to do so before adding the DNS record for certificate verification and routing.
    • Name: ""

    • TTL: Equal to your other records (for example 3600)

    • Flags: "0"

    • Tag: "Issue" or "Issuewild"

      • If you only have "issue" CAA records, then you can add it as "issue" record.
      • If you already have an existing "issuewild" CAA record, then you must add it as an "issuewild" record.

    • Value: ""

    • For more information: Configure a CAA record

  • The DNS record for certificate verification (CNAME)
  • The DNS record for routing (CNAME)

7. Once you have configured your domain's DNS, return to Showell Admin.

8. The status will change from 'pending verification' to 'available'. Please note that this process may take up to 24 hours to complete.

9. Grant access to all your Showell Accounts (Optional): You now have the option to grant access to other Showell accounts, allowing your custom domain to be activated on those accounts as well.

  • When the Status is available or active, click 'Grant access'
  • Toggle this option ON or OFF > click Close

10. Click 'Activate'. This will open a pop-up window: click the link to see if it opens the Showell App for web login page (Note that you are not able to login yet). If successful, return to Showell Admin

11. click 'Activate'. Your domain name will now have the status 'active'

12. Your custom domain setup is complete! Congratulations!

Custom Domain Login



How can I get a Custom Domain for my Showell Account?

Custom Domain is a Showell Add-on. If you'd like to know more:

Will Share links, created before setting up a Custom Domain, still work?

Share links that were created before setting up your custom domain will continue to work without any issues.

What if a user tries to access our Showell Account with the regular Showell App for Web link?

Even with a custom domain set up, you are still able to login to Showell App for Web using Once you enter your username, you will be redirected to your new domain.

Can the Showell Native App login page reflect my company's colors and logo?

The Showell App for Web displays your colors and logo as it knows what account you are about to enter by the custom domain. The Showell Native Apps (Windows, iOS and Android) do not have this information and therefore wil not reflect the colors and logo on the login page.

🔔 Troubleshooting

What can I do when I receive an error message?

A Custom Domain error message might look like this:

failed: one or more aliases specified for the distribution includes an incorrectly configured dns record that points to another cloudfront distribution. you must update the dns record to correct the problem. for more information, see (service: amazoncloudfront; status code: 409; error code: cnamealreadyexists; request id: 12345678-1234-1234-1234-12345678; proxy: null)"

Do the following to resolve this issue:

  • Remove the old records from your DNS
  • Remove the custom domain from Showell Admin
  • Wait for the old records to be removed from your DNS config cache
  • Create the custom domain in Showell Admin
  • Add the updated records from Showell to your DNS.

Why are my Share Links not displaying the Custom Domain?

Share links will only be created with the new custom domain using Showell 9.2.5 or higher. Click here to check your Showell App Version.