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Check your Installed Showell App Version

You can check your current app version directly from the Showell app or from Admin. If you're an administrator, you can also check the app versions of other users.

Showell App

Find your Version

Showell Version

1. Open your Showell App

2. Open the side menu and Click on My Settings > About Showell


Showell Admin

Find your Version

Showell Version Admin

Sign into Showell Admin

1. From the top menu, select your name/company name

2. Go to My Settings

3. See Application version


Find the Version of your Workspace Users

1. Sign into Showell Admin

2. From the top menu, Go to Admin >  Users

3. Select the user

4. See Application Version



What is the latest Version of Showell?

You can find the latest releases here: Showell Versions