Your Branding: Logo, Icon and Colors

Customize the Showell App with your company's colors and logo to create a distinctive and professional appearance.

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Showell App for Web:

How to brand your Workspace

Showell Admin:

How to brand your Workspace


Showell App for Web:

How to brand your Workspace

Branding: Adding your company's logo, icon and color in Showell is crucial for creating a personalized branding experience not only for your Showell Workspace, but also for all your Share links.

Branding+ Feature: Moreover, if you have sister companies, subdivisions, or dealers who are using the same Workspace and want their own branding, especially in their Digital Sales Rooms, you can easily add multiple brands. This allows each entity to have their unique branding with their shared materials.


1. In the side menu of the Showell App for Web, Click Admin

2. Choose Workspace settings

3. Choose Branding

4. Set your Default Branding:

  • Click the 'Default'-tab to reveal the right side menu
  • Upload your logo with the 'Change logo'-button
  • Add your website URL (Optional)
  • Provide your Primary Brand color in HEX format
  • Provide your Secondary Brand color in HEX format (Optional)
  • Decide if you'd like to have Showell information visible in the Digital Sales Room
  • Change your Workspace Icon
  • Click 'Save' to apply changes

5. Branding+ Feature: Add other Brands by clicking the '+ New brand'-button:

  • You have the flexibility to add multiple brands and give them unique names
  • These distinct brands can be utilized by your Workspace users and dealers in shared content (Digital Sales Room).
  • Follow the same steps as seen in point 4 with every brand you create


Showell Admin:

How to brand your workspace

You can also set a color and logo from the Showell Admin platform. However, we recommend using the Showell App for Web to set these options because it provides more choices and ensures that your logo, color, and/or icon are incorporated in any email notification or user invite.

1. Open Showell Admin. In the top right corner, click your username

2. Choose Workspace Settings

3. Set your Logo and Brand Color:

  • Set a color by either selecting a color from the palette or by adding your own hex color code
  • Upload your own logo via the Change image button > Upload from your computer

4. Click Save changes




Where can I see the logo, icon and color?

Your branding will be visible throughout the Showell App, and from the Digital Sales Room:

  • Your Logo and color are visible from the Showell side menu and your business card in the Digital Sales Room.
  • Your icon and color will be prominently featured in the top left corner of the Digital Sales Room. Additionally, they will be incorporated into any email notifications or user invites that you send out.

How can I start adding more brands?

Branding+ is an premium Showell feature. If you'd like to know more:

What are the recommended specifications for my logo?

Your logo should be in PNG format and it is preferable to have a transparent background. It is recommended to have the logo with minimum dimensions of 300 pixels width by 200 pixels height.

What Showell information is removed when I decide to hide it in the Digital Sales Room?

When you decide to hide the Showell information, the banner on the bottom of the Digital Sales Room will only display the email you signed in with. This means the Showell logo, Privacy Policy and Showell links are removed.