File and Folder Sharing permissions

Some content you might want to protect from being shared externally. As an Admin, you can choose which files can be shared or not!

Showell App for Web

How to toggle file sharing permissions ON/OFF

file shareability

1. In the Showell App for Web, Open 'Edit'-Mode and navigate to the file you want to toggle file sharing permissions ON or OFF

2. Open the file's settings, by clicking the 'settings'-icon

3. Toggle 'Shareable' ON or OFF

4. Click Save

Manage multiple files simultaneously

When you choose multiple files by ticking the checkbox next to them, you can easily apply actions to all the chosen items at once. This feature allows you to set the share-ability option for multiple documents simultaneously.

Once the checkboxes are ticked, you'll see managing options at the bottom of your screen. Click the 3 dots and choose 'Modify Properties' > Toggle 'Shareable' ON or OFF  > 'Save'.

For more information: Manage your Contents


Showell Admin

How to toggle file sharing permissions ON/OFF

file shareability admin

Open Showell Admin:

1. Navigate to the file or folder you want to change the file settings permissions

2. Open the file or folder's settings

3. You'll find 'Allow this file/folder to be shared', toggle this ON or OFF

4. Save changes



Why shouldn't I allow all files to be shares?

If you have sensitive materials on your Workspace, it's important to protect them. While these materials may be visible to your users, you want to prevent them from being shared accidentally with customers. Additionally, files that you don't allow to be shared cannot be downloaded by your users.

Are files and folders shareable by default?

By default all files are shareable.

However, folders are not shareable: This prevents unintentional sharing of multiple files. Also, if any content is added or removed from the folder, the shared folder will automatically adjust without the Share creator's knowledge.

An exception to this rule is folders created in My Files: These are shareable by default because the Share creator has complete control over the folder and its contents.

Can I toggle file sharing permissions ON or OFF for multiple files at once?

Yes! Click here to find out how.