View & Edit mode

Quickly jump between viewing/presenting or managing your contents

View and Edit Mode

View Mode:

Is what you see when you open the Showell App. This is where you find and present your content from.
  • This is available in the Showell App for all users, on all platforms.

Edit Mode

Edit Mode is a powerful feature that allows you to manage all your Workspace contents with ease. However, it's important to note that the accessibility of Edit Mode varies depending on user roles:
  • This is available for Admins using the Showell App for Web, granting them full control over all Workspace contents. They can make modifications, updates, and changes as needed.
  • This is the constant state within "My Files" for regular users across all platforms. Users can edit their own content exclusively, such as personal files or documents.

How to switch between View and Edit Mode

Switching between View and Edit Mode is a simple and straightforward process in Showell. When you open the app, it automatically starts in View Mode. To determine which mode you are in, look at the Edit-toggle located in the top right corner. If the toggle is grey, you are in View Mode, and if it's blue, you are in Edit Mode.

From View to Edit Mode:

View Mode

  • Option A: Click Home, or navigate to the desired location in 'Files' from the side menu > Click the Edit-toggle in the top right corner. 
  • Option B: Click Admin > Content Management from the side menu

From Edit to View Mode:

Edit Mode

  • Option A: Click again on the Edit-toggle in the top right corner.
  • Option B: Clicking any tab in the side menu, or by navigating away from 'Edit'-mode, will put Showell back in 'View'-mode (Default state)


Does 'Edit'-Mode in the Showell App for Web, have the same content management options as in Showell Admin?

We are currently working hard on adding all administrative features to the Showell App for Web. You now have the same content management options across both platforms, except for the theme/template editing. We recommend the 'Edit'-Mode in Showell App for Web due to its intuitiveness and swiftness.

🔔 Troubleshooting


Why am I not able to manage contents in "My Files"?

The Showell Workspace might have restricted "My Files"-management. Please contact your Workspace Administrator for more information.