Can I download or save a file from Showell to my device?

Yes! It is possible to download/save files from Showell and store them straight to your device.

➡️It is possible to download/save files from Showell to your device.
However: when using the native Showell Apps (Windows, iOS or Android), it is not necessary to download the files if you wish to access them offline, since all files are by default downloaded automatically and accessible offline with the Showell App!

💡Tip for Admins: If you have sensitive materials, that you only want to be accessible using the Showell app (unable to be downloaded/saved to device) by your users, you can turn off the file sharing permissions.


  • Using the Showell App (Windows, iOS) this option is: Save to Device
  • Using the Showell Online App (Browser), this option is: Download
  • The 'save to device'-feature is not available with the Android App.

Downloading files (Save to device):

  • Open the Showell app and browse to the desired file you would like to save to your device.
  • Option 1: Press the 3 dots underneath the file to bring up the option menu
  • OR Option 2: Open the file, press the 3 dots (Tools) in the top right corner
  • press 'Save to Device' (or press 'Download' when using Showell Online)
    ➡️If a file was converted, you will be able to get the file in its original or converted form
  • Choose the location you would like to save the file on your device and press 'Select Folder'
  • The file will now be downloaded/saved to your device.