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How to check or adjust your account settings

As an administrator, you have the ability to check or edit the accounts details and settings.

How to access the account settings

Account settings tab

  • Select your username in the top right of the top menu
  • Select Account settings


Settings overview

Account settings overview

  • Organization: This is the name of your company and Showell Account
  • City: (optional) Your company's location
  • Country: (optional) Your company's location
  • Phone number: (optional) Your company's phone number
  • Description: (optional) Write a brief description of what your company is about
  • Logo: (optional, but highly recommended) Add your company's logo
    ➡️ Click here for more information
  • Theme Color: (optional, but highly recommended) Add your company's color
    ➡️ Click here for more information
  • After changing your settings, click: ✔️Save changes


Account details overview

Account settings details

  • Size: The size of your account (all your content combines).
    Showell makes sure that all your content is available offline. Depending on the content of your Showell account, this can take up a big part of your device's storage.
    ➡️ Learn more about the 'Keep on Device'-option where you can choose what content gets downloaded to the device.
  • Created: Creation date of the account
  • Last modified: The last time an adjustment was made to the account
  • Users: Total amount of users that have this account as their home account
  • Licenses (Used/Total): Used licenses also equals the amount of total users on the account. Total licenses refers to the maximum amount of licenses on the account.
    ➡️ How to purchase user licenses
  • Subscriptions: Current active subscription plans on the account.