How to invite users

Inviting users to your account is very straightforward. You can choose to invite one or multiple new users at the same time.

☝️Inviting users to your accounts is quick and easy. Perfect for mass-inviting, not just internal, but also external users such as dealers, distributors, and other 3rd party users. Safely control who, and how many people can join and from which domains.

💡Key features:

  • You can invite one or multiple users by their email address.
    ➡️ No need to create the user
  • If you are part of a company with your own domain name: you can choose to invite everyone (or selected amount) by providing only the domain name.
  • Write a customized invitation message
  • Automatically add the invited user(s) to selected group(s)
  • Receive a notification once an invitation is accepted
  • When a user has accepted the invite they receive in their email inbox, they will be automatically added to the Showell account.

💡Find out ...

Every user takes up a license
. Make sure you have enough licenses available.

How to invite a user

  • Go to Showell Admin
  • In the top menu go to Admin > User Invitations
  • Select ➕Invite users
  • Choose the recipients role:
    recipients role
    • Member: The receiver(s) of the invite will be added as a user.
    • Admin: The receiver of the invite will be added as Admin.
      ➡️For security reasons, you can only invite 1 admin at a time
  • Choose the invitation type:
    invitation type by email, domain or open
    • By email: Enter 1 or multiple email addresses of the user(s) you would like to invite
    • By domain: Enter your, or your dealers company's domain name to quickly invite all it's employees (you can also add multiple domains at once)
      ➡️If you select this option, you will be able to limit the amount of users to join with the given domain name.
      For example: max 25 users with domain:
    • Open: Create an open invitation link for anyone who you grant access to that link
      • ⚠️ Be cautious when using an open invitation, Anyone with the link can join the Showell account. We recommend to only use this within internal communication channels of your company.
      • ✖️ Open invitation is a free Showell Add-on (OFF by default).
  • If you have chosen to invite by email: write down the email address(es) of the user(s) you would like to invite.
    A green color will indicate that the email structure 'name@company.domain' is correct.
    recipients email addresses
  • If you have chosen to invite by domain: write down the domain name(s), of your or your dealers companies, you would like to invite.
    A green color will indicate that the structure 'company.domain' is correct.
    recipients domains
  • Write a personalized message to accompany your invite
    write a message
  • Quickly add the invited users to one or multiple groups
    join users to groups
  • Choose a date when the invite expires
    invite expire date
  • Choose if you'd like to receive a notification when a user has accepted the invitation
    email notification for user invitation
  • Click Done to send out your invitation!

How to manage your invitations

manage user invitations

Once you have sent the invitation(s), you will be able to see them on the user invitation page.

From here you can quickly Resend the invitation or Copy the link (This is the same link the user received in the email invite)

What are the options when clicking the Invitation?

invitation options menu

  • You can adjust the message, the group names you'd like to add the users to, the expire date and if you'd like to receive a notification.
  • You can find all the invitation's information, including who has or hasn't accepted the invite

How to delete an invite?

  • You can select the invitation by checking the checkbox on the left side of the invite (on the user invitation page) and click Delete on the taskbar that will pop-up at the bottom of the page.
    ➡️Once a user invitation is deleted, the link becomes invalid. If the recipients still open the link, they will receive a message asking to contact the sender.

How an invitation looks like

Once you have send the invite, the user will receive the invitation in their email.
This email will have your company logo and colors, your personalized message, your email address and the 'Join now'-button.
➡️The email is send from In rare cases it can happen that the invited person does not see the invite: please let them check their spam/trash folder.

invitation preview in email

When the user has clicked the 'Join now'-Button, they will be redirected to the showell signup webpage. This page is once again branded with your company logo and colors and personalized message.

invitation sign up preview in showell app

💡 Note:

The Showell signup webpage is part of the Showell App for Web.

When the user already has an existing Showell account, they need to make sure that:

  • Before clicking the invite link, the user is not signed in to the Showell App for Web on their other account
  • After clicking the invite link, they choose: 'Sign in.'
    already have an account option

The user will now be able to join the new account by using their already existing credentials and gain access to both accounts.

invitation login preview in showell app