Manage your Workspace Users

Create user accounts for all your sales reps, marketers and anyone needing access to your sales materials. View user info and give individual permissions to what content can be accessed.

Showell App for Web

Manage all your users

When using the Showell App for Web, you have a range of options available to effectively oversee and manage your users. Continue reading to explore all the available functionalities.

User management options

1. Access to the Users Area

As an Admin, access to all your Users is very straightforward: Simply click Admin > Users from the side menu.

2. Invite and Export Users

Invite users: Inviting users to your workspace is quick and easy. Perfect for mass-inviting, not just internal, but also external users such as dealers, distributors, and other 3rd party users.

Export users: You can easily export a comprehensive spreadsheet list containing all the users in your workspace. This feature allows you to conveniently access and manage user information in a structured format.

3. Overview of available Licenses and sent Invitations

Licences: See in a glance how many licenses you have left on your workspace. If you are in need of more, simply contact Sales or your dedicated Showell CS Manager.

Invitations: Know how many invitations have been accepted, or how many are still pending.

4. Users and Invitations tabs + Search and Filter options

Users and Invitations tabs: From here, you are able to quickly swap between a list view of your Workspace users and the sent invitations

Search and Filter options: If you have a large number of users in your Workspace, you can easily find the specific users you need by using search terms or applying filters based on their role, license, creation date, multi-factor authentication, group, or country. This allows for quick and efficient user management.

5. Sorting, selecting and user overview/options

Checkboxes: Easily choose multiple users at once to add or remove them from a group. Refer to point 6 for more detailed information.

Sorting options: By clicking one of the column headers such as Name, Admin or Created, you are able to sort the user list accordingly.

User row: By clicking anywhere on the user's row, you will open its settings/properties panel.

Properties Settings : By clicking the Properties icon, you will open the user's settings/properties panel.

'3 dots': This will provide some quick actions, such as removing the user or adding/removing from a group.

6. multi-select options

You can easily perform bulk actions by selecting multiple users using the checkboxes, as shown in point 5. This allows you to add or remove them from groups in one go.

Manage individual users

It is possible to modify the settings of each individual user in your Workspace. However, it's important to note that users also have the ability to make changes or override all settings, with the exception of Groups, on their own personal settings page.

User Settings

1. Access to the User Properties and Security Tabs + Additional options

To access a user's Properties, Navigate in the Showell App for Web side menu to Admin > Users and click the user's row or Properties icon Settings.

When the Properties panel appears, you'll have several options straight from the top:

  • Properties-tab: From here you can adjust all the user's settings.
  • Security-tab: This will provide additional security options. See point 6 for more information.
  • '3 dots' in the top right corner: This will provide some quick actions, such as removing the user or adding/removing from a group.

2. Profile Picture

By clicking 'Change image', you can upload, edit or remove your profile picture. Changes made are auto-saved. We recommend uploading a profile picture of minimum 500x500 pixels in JPG or PNG format.

3. Basic info

Adjust the user's basic settings, such as Name, Username, Email and Role.

Make sure to click 'Save' after you've made some changes.

4. User Details

Furthermore, you have the option to enter additional information about the user, such as their job title, country, company, mobile phone number, and signature. This can be particularly useful if you'd like more options to filter your users, or if have multiple dealers working in your Workspace.

Make sure to click 'Save' after you've made some changes.

5. Groups

In this section, you have the ability to add or remove groups for the user. Make sure to click 'Save' after you've made changes.

6. Security

Multi-factor authentication: Check if the user has enabled Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). If A user is experiencing issues with their MFA, you have the ability to deactivate it.

Password last changed: See when the password for this user was last changed.

Password reset link: Login issues? Provide the user with a reset link.

Last login: Find out when the user used Showell the last time.

Reset Login: By clicking the Reset login button, you will log the user out from all devices.


Showell Admin

How to add users

We highly recommend to Invite Users to your workspace. This will allow them to set up their own credentials. Additionally, this process is more straight forward and provides flexibility and convenience for yourself and the users.

This being said, Showell also provides the ability to create user accounts from scratch, using the Showell Admin platform.

1. In Showell Admin, click 'Admin' in the top menu bar > Click Users

2. In the top right, click ➕New user

3. Click Done to create the user

Make sure to notify the user that they have now access to Showell and provide them with their username and password, We recommend to encourage the user to change their password.

If you want to remove a user:

1. Click a user's name

2. Click on the 'X Delete'-button in the top right corner of the user's settings page. You will be prompted with a warning if you are sure to delete the user

3. Click Delete user


How to manage user settings

You are able to find and edit the user's information and settings.

In Showell Admin, click 'Admin' in the top menu bar > Click Users > Click a user's name

User Settings

1. Settings

Here you are able to edit the users settings, such as the user's name, username, email, title, mobile number, country, company,  signature, email notification language, password and profile picture.

Additionally, you can choose the user's Role: User, 'User with restricted access to Showell Admin' or Admin

Remember to click on the 'Save Changes'-button (6) once you have finished editing the user settings.

2. User information

This tab includes: User Analytics, License Control, Multiple Workspace Access, User Account Creation and Modification, Last Sign-In Details, Device and Showell Version, and access to the users My Files.

3. Security Settings

If the user has enabled Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), you'll be able to see it here, and deactivate if necessary.

4. Member of Groups

Quickly find out what groups the user belongs to. Click here for more information on how to add or remove users from groups.

5. Notifications

Choose user notification preferences for shares and important Showell App notifications.


Filter, sort and bulk manage your users

filter users

In Showell Admin, click 'Admin' in the top menu bar > Click Users

1. Filter your users according to License, Role, Creation date, Multi-Factor Authentication, Groups or Country

2. Sort your users alphabetically or join date

3. Multi-Select users and add them to groups



Can I disable a user, instead of removing the user account?

If a user is just temporarily inactive and you do not want to delete the user, you can always choose to turn the license off. This way you can prevent them from accessing Showell. Rest assured, their Analytics, My Files, and Presentations will remain intact and unaffected. Disabling the license will also open up a license spot for another user to utilize.

🔔 Troubleshooting

Why am I unable to add a user?

Every user takes up a license. Make sure you have enough licenses available.

Also keep in mind that creating users is only available from Showell Admin, as we encourage to invite your users instead. This comes with added security as they are able to set their own credentials.

Why do I get a "This user already exists" error message, when creating a user?

Many users have access to multiple Showell Workspaces, which means they may have already signed up with Showell using the same username and email address you are trying to create a user account with. This can occur if they have created a free Showell Workspace for themselves or if they are also affiliated with another company as a dealer. Therefore, it is not possible to create a new user account for a user, as they already exists on the platform.

To solve this issue, you can invite the already existing user(s) to your Workspace using the User Invitation feature. When the invite receiver opens the invitation, they should choose 'Sign in' and use their existing credentials. This way, they will be able to gain access to both Workspaces.

If the user you'd like to invite has access with a Single Sign-On (SSO), Please make contact with your company IT or contact Showell Support.