How to add and manage users

Create user accounts for all your sales reps, marketers and anyone needing access to your sales materials. View user info and give individual permissions to what content can be accessed.

💡Showell makes it easy to create user accounts for anyone who needs access to the account. As an Admin you are able to edit the user, add more information, assign them to groups, manage licenses and more!

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How to add users

  • Select Admin from the top menu
  • Select Users
  • In the top right, click ➕New user
  • Fill in the user details and create a password
  • Decide if the user will be a user, user with restricted admin access or Admin.
  • Click Done to create the user
  • Notify the user that they have now access to Showell and provide them with their username and password, We recommend to encourage the user to change their password

How to manage users

When you click a user's name in the user panel (Admin > Users), you are able to find and edit the user's information and settings.

⚙️Settings tab (left side of the page):

User Settings

User information tab
(right side of the page):

user information

Member of groups tab (right side of the page):

user member of groups tab

  • Quickly find out what groups the user belongs to.
    ➡️ For more information: How to manage groups

Notifications tab (right side of the page):

user notifications tab

How to delete a user

  • delete button Simply click on the 'X Delete'-button in the top right corner of the user's settings page.
  • You will be prompted with a warning if you are sure to delete the user
  • Click Delete user

💡Tip: If a user is just temporarily inactive and you do not want to delete the user, you can always choose to turn the license off.


Filter, sort and bulk manage your users

Filter options Admin2

  • Filter your users according to License, Role, Creation date, Multi-Factor Authentication, Groups and Country
  • Sort your users alphabetically or join date
  • Multi-Select users and add them to groups