User Licenses

Read further if you'd like to learn about, or add more user licenses to your workspace.

What are user licenses

To access your Showell Workspace, users must be provided with a license. The number of licenses available to you may vary depending on your contract or subscription plan. However, you have the option to purchase additional licenses as needed.

  • One User = One license
  • A user that has access to multiple Workspaces, will need a unique license on every Workspace.
  • You can disable licenses for inactive users. This way you can prevent them from accessing Showell. Rest assured, their Analytics, My Files, and created Presentations will remain intact and unaffected. Disabling the license will also open up a license spot for another user to utilize.


Enable or disable user licenses for your users

By default, every new user who joins your Showell Workspace will be given an active user license. However, if you have no licenses remaining or if some users have been inactive for a while, you have the option to turn off licenses. This allows available license spots to be used by other new users.

1. Go to Showell Admin

2. In the top menu bar: Click Admin > Users

3. Find and click on the user you want to turn the license on/off. This will open their settings page

4. On the right side in the User information panel, you can toggle License to ON/OFF



How do I purchase user licenses?

If you are using Showell for Free, you can increase the amount of licenses by upgrading to Essential. This comes with a ton of other great benefits as well.

If you already have the Essential plan, you can purchase licenses by managing your subscription.

With a Professional or Enterprise Plan, simply contact your Showell representative or Showell Support, and we are happy to assist you further.

For more information: Check out our Pricing plans

How do I know how many user licenses I have left on my Showell Workspace?

You can find this from the following locations:

  • Within the Showell App for Web: In the side menu, Click Admin > Users. You'll find the amount of users and licenses on the top
  • Within Showell Admin: In the top menu bar, click Admin > Users. You'll find the amount of users and licenses in the top right corner. OR  In the top menu bar, click your name in the top right corner > Workspace Settings. You'll find the amount of users and licenses under 'Workspace Details'