How do I manage my Showell Essential subscription?

Once you have purchased the Showell Essential Plan, you can manage your subscription using your customer portal.

💡This article will guide you on where to find and how to manage your Showell Essential subscription.

➡️If you'd like to know how to upgrade your subscription:

How to manage your Showell Essential subscriptionwe are glad to have you onboard message

Once you have upgraded to the Essential Plan, you will receive an email stating your purchase order. This email will include:

  • Your invoice as an attachment (in PDF format)
  • The option to create a Showell account if you have not done so yet
  • A button(link) to manage your subscription

👉By clicking the 'Manage subscription'-button you will open the Customer portal within your browser. You will be able to:

Can't find the 'Manage subscription'-button?
➡️Click here to open the Customer Portal



Customer portal

subscription customer portal

Once you open the Customer portal:

  • Enter your email address to login and click Continue
  • You will be provided with a one time password sent to your email. Enter this password and click Login.
  • You are now able to manage your subscriptions:
    • Subscription Plan:
      • Find the payment method used to purchase the subscription
      • Cancel Subscription
    • Account information: Adjust your company and/or email address
    • Billing & Shipping Addresses: Update your Billing address
    • Payment Methods: Update or add payment methods
    • Billing History: Find your Previous invoices; These can be downloaded as a PDF document