How do I upgrade my subscription?

If you'd like to upgrade your subscription, you can do so straight within the Showell App!

💡Upgrading your subscription comes with many benefits!

➡️This article will guide you on how to upgrade your Subscription:

👉For more information:

I'd like to upgrade to the Essential Plan

➡️This article will guide you on how to upgrade your plan from Freemium to Essential, by using the Showell App for Web. Note that you can also upgrade to Essential from our Pricing page or by contacting

  • Login to the Showell App for Web, using your credentials.
  • Open up the side menu, and click the 'Upgrade subscription'-button.
    freemium upgrade subscription button
  • A pop-up window will open: This is where you can set your preferred currency, billing frequency (monthly or annually), and amount of User licenses you wish to purchase.
    upgrade to essential window
  • Click 'Upgrade now'

upgrade to essential process

  • You will see a summary of your order.
    ➡️If you'd like, you can still edit the quantity of user licenses.
    ➡️If you have a valid coupon available, you can add it here as well.
    • Click 'Proceed to Checkout' to confirm your purchase.
    • Add your billing address and click 'Next'.
    • Add your payment details and click 'Next'.
  • You will see the final confirmation to complete your order.
    ➡️You can still apply a valid coupon
    ➡️You can still edit your Account, Billing or Payment information
    Essential purchase confirmation
  • Click 'Pay amount & subscribe'
    You may be redirected to your bank page for 3D secure verification.
  • Congratulations, you have now successfully upgraded your plan! Click Continue to start using Showell.

Thanks for your purchase


I'd like to upgrade to the Professional Plan

➡️The Profession plan is a personal tailored solution for your needs. Our Sales and CS team are ready to support you and your company by providing help with setting up your account, and guidance during the whole onboarding process.
Feel free to book a personalized 30 minute guided tour to learn more about all the benefits Showell and our Professional plan has to offer.

👉If you'd like to upgrade to the Professional Plan: