SSO is an authentication service that allows a user to use just one set of login credentials to access multiple applications without the need to login again every time a new application is opened.

💡 SSO, Single-Sign-On or Custom domain is used to identify the users of different organizations so that they can sign in using the same username and password that they use in everyday work. In other words, these users don't need separate username and password for Showell.

➕ SSO is provided as a Showell Service. If you'd like to know more:

Benefits of using SSO:

  • It enables users to remember and manage fewer passwords and usernames for each applications
  • It streamlines the process of signing on and using applications, no need to reenter passwords
  • It lessens the chance on phishing
  • It leads to fewer complaints or trouble about passwords for IT help desks

Disadvantages of SSO:

  • Setting up SSO requires sufficient IT skills, therefor we only recommend to set this up if your company has dedicated IT personnel.
  • It does not address certain levels of security each application sign-on may need
  • If availability is lost, then users are locked out of multiple systems connected to the SSO
  • If unauthorized users gain access, they could gain access to more then one application