User types and their permissions/privileges

Be in full control of who is allowed to see what content.

The user

  • A showell user is everyone who is part of a Showell account AND
  • Only has access to the Showell App
  • Typically, most users are sales representatives, part of the service team or dealers


A User with restricted access to Showell Admin

give user restricted access to showell admin

  • This type of user has access to Showell App and restricted areas of Showell Admin
  • A user can only get restricted access to Showell Admin, if an Admin sets the right parameters
  • If a user has restricted access to Showell Admin, they gain the rights to access Showell Admin
  • By default, this type of user is only able to edit their personal settings and navigate the content they have access to, determined by their group permissions
  • If the group permissions allow it, they can also upload or edit content in selected folders
  • Typically, the marketing team, sales managers and/or product managers have restricted rights to Showell Admin


The Admin (administrator)

administrator privileges toggle