Be in control of who is allowed to see what content.

3 types of user privileges


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1. Showell App access only

  • Browse, present and share content from Showell App, based on permissions you have
  • Typically for sales reps

See: How to install Showell App

2. Restricted access to Showell Admin

  • A user is only allowed to upload & manage content based on folder permissions given by an administrator.
  • Typically for sales managers, product managers, marketing etc.

See: How to give users restricted access to Showell Admin

3. Full access to App and Admin

  • As administrator, you have access to all features of Showell Admin - including extented access to the Admin tab & Account Settings

    • Typically for sales & marketing management, IT etc.

    See: How to give a user Administrator privileges

    See: How to purchase additional Admin features