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Introduction to Showell Admin

Showell Admin is your central content management tool where you can store, organize, manage, and analyze your content and users, all in one place.

Showell Admin Basics 

Explore the top menu bar to discover the most important Admin menus & settings

  • Search ➡️ Find your content and/or users
  • Settings (hidden underneath your name/account name)
    • Navigate between accounts ➡️ Easily switch between multiple accounts
    • Account settings ➡️ Apply your branding and adjust account information
    • My settings ➡️ Find and adjust your personal settings


Content Management

Manage all your content, conveniently placed under the Files tab


User Management

Manage your users and groups


Brand Management

Manage the look and feel of the Showell App


Communication and Analytics

Send notifications or discover what content is used and/or shared, and by who