Showell Admin 101

Showell Admin is your central content management tool where you can store, organize and manage and analyze your sales material, users, and groups all in one place.

The Basics 


The top of the Admin site holds the most important menus that you will need. 

  1. Menus 
    1. Files - content management
    2. Analytics - see what content is used by who
    3. CRM - basic CRM features (if enabled)
    4. Admin - user/group management and notifications
  2. Search - lookup files or users
  3. Settings
    1. Account settings - basic branding and account information
    2. My Settings - privileges and user information

Content Management 

      1. How to create and edit your content structure 
      2. How to add material
      3. How to restrict access to material 
      4. Other Content settings

User Management

      1. How to create and manage users
      2. User privileges
      3. How to create and manage groups
      4. Group privileges

Brand Management

      1. How to set up your logo and brand color
      2. How to change background images and thumbnails
      3. How to customize your user interface

Communication and Analytics

    1. How to send and track notifications
    2. How to interpret content-, user-, group-, and share analytics