Introduction for Showell Admins

You can manage almost every single aspect of Showell, to make it truly match with your company needs and branding

Content Management

With Showell, you have the flexibility to customize the content structure of your Workspace to suit your needs.

Begin by strategizing a structure that will make navigation effortless for your sales team. Then, add folders and contents, assign keywords, and make adjustments to their options. Additionally, each user in your Workspace is provided with a dedicated 'My Files' area, where they have the freedom to upload and manage their materials according to their preferences.

Content Managment


User Management

In Showell, you have the ability to assign roles and privileges to your users, which determines their access to content and management sections within Showell.

To get started, you can invite users and add them to specific groups. From there, you can grant group privileges to individual folders or sub-folders, allowing you to control which groups can access them. This provides a flexible and customizable way to manage user permissions and ensure the right people have access to the right content.

User management


Brand Management

Customize your Showell Workspace to reflect your company's branding.

Begin by incorporating your company colors and logo, and add personalize thumbnails and backgrounds. If Themes are enabled, you can even create a tailored main page and folders for your Workspace.

Brand Managment App


Communication and Analytics

You have the ability to send notifications to your users, keeping them informed and updated about important announcements or changes.

Additionally, Showell Admin provides you with valuable analytics that give you insights into how your content is being utilized. You can track which files are being accessed and shared, as well as who is accessing and sharing them. This information can help you understand which materials are most effective and popular among your team, allowing you to make informed decisions about your content strategy.

overview  analytics



How do I access the Showell Administrative features?

As a Showell Administrator, you can manage multiple aspects from both the Showell App for Web and from the Showell Admin platform.

For the smoothest and most streamlined experience, we highly recommend to manage your Showell Workspace using the Showell App for Web.

Are all administrative features available on Showell App for Web and Showell Admin?

We are currently working hard on adding all administrative features to the Showell App for Web. Content Management, User Management and Workspace settings are currently implemented, but some features, such as integrations, analytics and premium branding (Theme Templates) are only accessible from the Showell Admin Platform.