Admin Share Analytics

Get a full overview on how your team is performing with sharing files. See who has opened the share, when they opened it, what pages they viewed and for how long.

Share analytics in Admin 2

  • First, go to the admin panel and sign in
  • Then, from the top menu, select Analytics
  • Select the Share Analytics tab
  • From the top right, you can filter your results by date
  • On the left you have Document interactions: in other words, the most popular shared content - along with handy filters to see what material was worth sharing and what wasn't.
  • Selecting a document's name will give you more details on page views and duration
  • Maybe you want to know what content was shared in a particular folder by selecting Filter result by folder
  • Finally at the bottom we have records of the actual shares themselves.
    - For example, if we filter in the most viewed content and have a look at a share that John smith sent, we can see that Aaron benton has spent most of his time viewing page 5.

Note: You must have Administrator rights to be able to view the Analytics tab