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Share analytics

Valuable tracking information on shared content helps you see how interested prospects/customers are in your material.



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💡Benefits of Share analytics:

This valuable tracking information helps you find out the level of interest your prospect/customer has for the content shared by you and your users. Seeing what content is popular will help focus your attention on what is truly interesting and worth following up on. If you analyze how a potential buyer perceives the shared content you're able to continuously edit and shape your share link.

  • With Share analytics you can find out:
    • Who viewed your share
    • When they viewed it
    • What files and individual pages have been viewed
    • How long the viewer was watching each individual file or page
  • With this information:
    • You can evaluate who on the buyers' side is possibly taking part in the decision-making process. This is valuable information, especially in Enterprise sales

    • Sales representatives can interact and influence other decision-makers based on this knowledge

    • You know what kind of content or parts of the contents customer was interested in, or not interested in at all.

    • You find out if there is some decision-making barriers that should be talked about and tackled with the customer. In many sales cases sales representatives can tackle the barriers proactively if he just finds these during the sales process

    • Decide after you find out a customer was not interested in some materials if you should develop and personalize those more for the customer or are these materials not worth sharing?



💡Tips:choose analytics time frame

  • In the top right corner of every analytics page you can choose the exact time period OR click the 3 lines to quickly select the right time frame for your analytics.
  • download button Use the download button, available in most analytic sections, to get the information straight to your device in Excel (XLSX) file format.
  • magnifying glass button Use the magnifying glass, available in most analytic sections, to quickly find the information you need.
  • private label Documents marked with Private are part of the user's My Files.
  • Most of the column titles are clickable. This will sort the column's content alphabetically or numbers from high to low (click again to reverse the order).
  • User pseudonymization is an optional feature that keeps the user anonymous. However, you can still track all the activity. Certain countries privacy laws apply restrictions upon tracking user activity. Therefor we made it possible to apply pseudonymization for the account users. If you'd like to activate this option: please contact your Showell contact person or Showell Support.

    ⚠️If this optional feature is activated: Analytics that become Unavailable due to User Pseudonymization will be marked in this article with (UUP)

  • It takes 15 to 30 minutes before the share analytics data is available. it takes 2 to 4 hours before other analytics data becomes available.

Share analytics

share analytics

With share analytics, you will find the following sections:

Document interactions, Shares and Recipients

Document interactions

Discover in-depth how your content is being used by your customers after they received the shares from your users

share document interactions

  • Name: The name/title of your content
  • Type: Find out the file type, such as images, PDF's, videos, ....
  • Share Views: discover what document is watched the most by the recipients
  • Click the eye icon eye-icon in the 'Page views' column to see what page of a multi-page document is most interesting to watch
    share document page views
  • Total duration: Find out the total time duration each document has been watched
  • Average duration: Find out the average amount of time each document has been watched
  • Share downloads: Learn how many customers have downloaded the share

💡Click the name of an individual file to discover all it's analytics:

  • Document usage: Find out who has being using the document, how many times, for how long and the amount of shares (UUP)
  • Filter result by user: Use this option to quickly pinpoint a user (UUP)
  • Document usage on shares: If the file has been shared, you can learn what customers have opened the shared file and how long they checked the file (UUP)
  • Document page views: See each individual page of a multi-page document and how many times it has been viewed

Shares (UUP)


  • Subject: This is the subject/title given by the user when sharing content to the recipient.
  • Share time: Find out when the user has shared the content
  • User: This is the user who made the share
  • Files: The amount of file that where shared
  • Recipients: How many different recipients have opened the share
  • Times opened: The amount of time the share has been opened (can be multiple times by the same recipient)
  • Last opened: Find out when the share was opened for the last time
  • Views: The amount of documents that have been viewed within the share
  • Downloads: The amount documents that have been downloaded from the share

💡Click the name of an individual Subject to discover all it's analytics:

  • Page views: Find out in detail what documents and their pages have been viewed and for how long.
  • Share interactions: This will show you the recipients that have opened the share, when, and for how long they watched it.

    individual share analytics
    • You can dive in deeper by opening a specific 'Recipient': This will group all the data (multiple visits) of that recipient into one handy overview.
    • Or click the 'Opened at'-date: This will show the specific details of what the recipient viewed in that certain moment in time.

      recipients view detail

Recipients (UUP)

share recipients

  • Recipient: Email address of the recipient
  • Title: Name of the file that has been watched
    ➡️Click the name of an individual file to discover all it's analytics
  • Views: amount of times the recipient has viewed the file
  • Time spent: Total time the recipient watched the file
  • Download: Shows if the recipient has downloaded the file (x amount of times)
  • Last viewed: The last time the recipient viewed the document

Filter results by folder

Use this option to quickly find the content that belongs to one individual folder.

Filter results by user (UUP)

Use this option to quickly find what content has been used by an individual user or group.

Views per document type

See what document types are most used and interesting for the recipients of the share.

views per document type

  • Hover the different sections of the donut chart to see the view amounts.
  • Click the document types underneath the donut chart to exclude/add them.
    exclude views per document type

Downloads per document type

See what document types are downloaded by the recipients of the share.

downloads per document type

  • Hover the different sections of the donut chart to see the view amounts.
  • Click the document types underneath the donut chart to exclude/add them.
    exclude downloads per document type