Why can't I see an active user's analytics?

Analytics were introduced in 2019. Using an outdated Showell version or device will not create analytic data.

Have you selected a large enough time frame?

choose analytics time frame overview
  • Login to Showell Admin
  • Go to the top menu > Analytics > User Analytics
  • On the top right, select a time frame from the date options that goes back far enough to see all user activity.
    choose analytics time frame
    • For example: You might be viewing only analytics for this week. Select for example Last 30 days to see more activity.

Have you updated to the latest Showell App version?

  • We recommend setting your device to automatically update to the latest version of Showell App! 
  • Here is a link to our latest version: Showell Releases
  • Showell Analytics was only introduced to Showell for the following app versions:
    • iOS - Showell version 5.0.1 (October 2019)
    • Windows - - Showell version 5.0.1 (October 2019)
    • Android - - Showell version 6.0.1 (October 2019)

Is your device's operating system outdated?

  • It could be that your device doesn't support the minimum required operating system that Showell needs to power Showell analytics.
  • See: Supported devices

💡Note: If you are not able to update your device's operating system to the minimum required version, your device will not be able to upgrade Showell App to the minimum required version.

This means that Showell App analytics is not available on that device.