What devices (and their requirements) are supported with the Showell App?

The Showell App is available on your Windows, iPad, iPhone, Mac, Android and Chrome devices, but also from your favorite browser!

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    What devices are supported, and what are the minimum operating system requirements for using the Showell App?

    • Apple iPad / iPhone ➡️ iOS 10 or higher (iPad 4 or higher, iPhone 6 or higher)
    • Windows ➡️ Windows 10* or Windows 11
    • Android ➡️ OS 5 or higher
    • Mac ➡️ OS 11 or higher / M1 chip
    • Browser ➡️ All browsers run Showell App for Web, except Internet Explorer
    • Chrome OS ➡️ All devices released after 2019 that have the Google Play store*

    Tip: Make sure your device is up-to-date. If you'd like to know if your device has the latest version: Go to your device's settings and look for software update.

    *Note for Windows 10 devices: You are able to use the latest version of Showell, if you have Windows 10 version 1903 (21/05/2019, build number 10.0.18362.0) Installed. If you are using an older version of Windows 10, you can still use Showell up to version 7.1 (06/2020)

    *Note for Chrome OS devices: All Chrome OS devices released after 2019 support android apps. If Google Play Store is available, you can download the app to your device. If you're unsure whether your device supports android apps or not, take a look at the following resources:

    What is the minimum device storage required, for using the Showell App?

    Showell makes sure that all your content is available offline. Depending on the content of your Showell account, this can take up a big part of your device's storage. 

    • We recommend having at least 32GB storage available on your device.
    • The Showell App for Web works from your browser, therefor this does not require any storage on your device.
    • We recommend to have a minimum of 2GB of free storage space available. This will make sure your device, App and/or browser will run more smoothly.