What devices are supported and can I use Showell app on multiple devices?

Supported devices are: iPad, iPhone, MacBook, Android, Windows 10 devices & Browsers.


  • We recommend touchscreen devices, but Showell also works with a mouse & keyboard too.
  • The app is available for download from each platform’s app stores.

                              badge-AppStore-3    badge-Microsoft-2    badge-GooglePlay-2

What minimum operating system is required for Showell App to work?

  • iPad > iOS 10 (iPad 4 and higher)
  • iPhone > iOS 10 (iPhone 6s or higher)
  • Android > OS 5
  • Windows 10
  • Browsers > All browsers except for Internet Explorer (if your browser version is too old - you will get prompted to update.)

What is the minimum device storage required (not including Showell Online)?

We recommend having at least 32GB.