Set Folder Privileges for Groups

Fine tune what people in your organization can see by giving them group privileges. This way they can only see content relevant for them.

Before you get started

Before granting group privileges to folders, it is important:

  • To have a thorough understanding of how Roles and Privileges function in Showell.
    See: A Guide to Roles and Privileges
  • To ensure that you are familiar with the advantages of grouping users and that your users are already divided into appropriate groups.
    See: Create and Manage Groups

It's also important to keep in mind the folder hierarchy when assigning privileges.

For example:

(TOP VIEW) Folder A > Folder B > Folder C > Folder D
All Groups Group 1    
Group 2 Group 2  
Group 3    
Group 4 Group 4 Group 4
  • It is not possible to add Group 1 into Folder D, because Group 1 does not have privileges in Folder C.
  • It is possible to add Group 2 into Folder D, because Group 2 has privileges in Folder C.



How to set group privileges to a folder

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1. Open Showell Admin

2. Navigate to the folder you would like to provide with group privileges

3. Open the folder's Settings. On the right you will find the 'Privileges' section

4. Click ➕Add group and choose the right group from the drop down menu


How to manage group privileges in a folder

Folder Group Privileges Admin

1. As seen above, By clicking the 'Add group'-button, you are able to add all the necessary groups, that need visibility, to this folder. 

2. To remove a group privilege from a folder: Simply click the 'red cross' next to the group name

3. Provide a group with 'Read' or 'Write' privileges.

  • Read: All users of the group can only view and download the contents within the Showell App. This is the default when adding a group to the folder.
  • Write: This is the same as 'Read', with the addition of managing rights (add, remove or edit contents) for 'users with restricted Access to Showell Admin' who are part of the group.

4. All "account name" users: By default, this is set to every folder, so the content is visible for everyone in the account. This includes users with, but also without assigned groups.

  • It is possible to make a folder accessible for All "account name" users AND give 'Write' privileges to one or multiple groups. This way everyone has access, but only the selected 'Write' privileged groups have the right to alter the content.
  • You can remove or add the "All account name users"-group, just like any other group.

5. Overwrite subfolder privileges: All folders that are structured underneath the folder you are applying changes to, will receive the same privileges.

  • Overwriting subfolder privileges is an action that cannot be undone. For extra safety, by clicking the 'Overwrite subfolder privileges'-button, you will be prompted with a warning, asking if you are sure to overwrite the existing privileges of all subfolders.



Can I assign users to folders, without adding them to groups?

No, you can only assign group privileges to folders. If you have users who are not part of any group, they will be categorized under 'All "account name" users'.